A few years ago, lights and Christmas trees may have been enough to draw visitors in during the holiday season. Today, times have changed, and decorations matter more than ever. Commercial properties need to have a unique display to attract customers to their location. If you visit the mall during the holidays, you may think that the only way to impress your guests is to use larger-than-life decorations. Sometimes, that is true. The bigger the decorations, the better. But that isn’t always the case. Often, the best way to stand out is to display unique Christmas decorations. Instead of selecting the biggest, loudest, or shiniest pieces, try incorporating elements that people have bever seen before into your holiday program. This route increases that chances that people will talk about your property with their friends and family, and they may want to come and check them out with their own eyes.

The main goal of commercial Christmas displays is to bring customers into a business. By giving them something that they cannot find elsewhere, this is a distinct possibility.

Christmas Sculptures

Christmas sculptures are one of the many unique decorations that work well for businesses. You can use them alone, or pair them with traditional elements. LED lights, for example, can be used to brighten up different sculptures. It is important to consider a few things when using these sculptures as part of all of the commercial Christmas decorations.

  1. Stick to a theme. Creating a display made up of random sculptures can lead to a confusing presentation. Instead, decide on a theme related to your business. A good set of sculptures will tell a story that will make people think about what a business offers.
  2. Brand the decorations. Branding decorations is another way to differentiate your property from others. Gnomes, for example, are a popular type of Christmas sculpture decoration that can be designed to fit a variety of styles. They can have the business logo on them to identify the business to the customers.
  3. Move them around. The great thing about unique decorations is they are more memorable. If you move them around every season, then people will start searching for them during their visit. This trick gives them a reason to spend more time on your property.

It is important to remember that the unique decorations used in a commercial display are only one part of the holiday program. Other, more traditional decorations do not have to be left out. Instead, you can enhance them by incorporating unique displays into the existing elements.

Creating a unique Christmas program doesn’t have to be complicated. By using these tips, you can impress your visitors and increase foot traffic.

Dekra-Lite Industries

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