Today is the day they continue a tradition. They wiggle on their soft sweaters, find a cozy temperature in the car, and drive. They park. Holding hands, they begin walking. She squeezes her hand tight with mysterious anticipation. Under the store archway, they stop. There it is. A grand Christmas wreath welcoming them into something magical.

Mom sighs with a warm feeling in her chest, the wreath reminds her of all the times she and her mother went Christmas shopping together. Memories of hot chocolate and a bag full of presents and good memories. It’s classic, a tradition in itself, yet this wreath is entirely unique–something stands out as of this time and of deserving a new memory all its own. Mom looks at her young daughter, eyes wide with wonder at the wreath. This one will be her first memory, one that she hopes will never leave her. They walk under the wreath, and begin their journey of gift gathering at their favorite stores.

Dekra-Lite’s unique wreaths are a decorative element you won’t want to leave out of your Holiday Program. They rekindle classic holiday cheer while making new memories that customers will forever associate with the holiday experience you gifted them. Our stylish and customizable wreaths allow you to connect to this age-old tradition while catering to you and your needs to stand out.

Our unique wreaths have customizable graphics (company logos, custom themes); come in a variety of sizes (2’-12’), different Pine styles (Natural, Bristle, and Torrey), and come single or double-sided.  You can order classic round styles, or go with square options for a more modern twist. RGB programming for festive light experiences that can dance in the holiday cheer or bring a beautiful still glow to your customers’ smiling faces. You can order specialty ornaments to bring your wreath to life with a dazzling variety of characters. We have wreaths on risers to create special photo opportunities for your customers to remember you and their experience, helping to create a loyalty that could last a lifetime and even live in their houses all-year-round.

Our unique Christmas Wreaths are not just “another decoration,” but a special and customizable evolution of a timeless Christmas holiday experience that your customers will surely miss if absent, and most assuredly delight in and be grateful for when they see it smiling back at them. Dekra-Lite wreaths will help you help them remember that special Christmas memory of days past, and create wonderful new ones all at the same time.