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Guide Your Residents Through Your Property with a Walk-Through ChristmasTree

Give your residents a city to remember with a giant, walk-through Christmas tree!

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Walk through trees are designed to guide guests through and interactive holiday experience. They are built with enhanced features and provide the perfect destination for your residents during the holiday season. Families can easily navigate through these larger-than-life trees and have an up close and personal experience of the magic of the holiday season.

Walk-Through Trees

Featured Property: The Island in Pigeon Forge

Dekra-Lite makes customizing your Walk-Through Tree simple. Choose from an assortment of ornaments, graphic, and other handing elements. You can even design a tree large enough to place your Santa Set inside. The possibilities are truly endless. Here are a few ways we helped The Island in Pigeon Forge create a memorable Walk-Through Tree for their visitors.

The Island in Pigeon Forge tree featured contemporary colors, turquoise, silver, and apple green. It fit perfectly with their Winterfest theme.

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Select Accents

For The Island in Pigeon Forge, we used cool white snowflakes to accent the winter theme on a warm lit Walk-Through Tree. We also added a rope light arch scrolls to create a welcoming lit entrance.

Another step in creating a one-of-a-kind tree is to add a tree topper. For The Island in Pigeon Forge, we used a Snowfall Tree Topper.

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Add Graphics

To make your tree really stand out, you can add custom graphics. For the Island in Pigeon Forge, we added a custom kicker graphic that read, "peace, love, joy." For your city, you can showcase the name of your city and any other identifiers.

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