Angels Baseball & Dekra-Lite Knock Christmas Out of the Park

Angels Baseball & Dekra-Lite Knock Christmas Out of the Park

It all started on June 25, 2014 with a record-breaking baseball game.

Not because of the score. 

Or RBIs. 

Or even any players setting new PRs.

On June 25, 2014 — exactly six month before Christmas — Angels Baseball broke the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people wearing…  

Santa hats.

Since that record-setting day, Angel Stadium has celebrated Christmas in June each year. And our elves have had the pleasure of decking the stadium’s halls ever since. This pre-seasonal event has featured toy drives, firework shows, giveaways, Santas in summer attire, carolers, and real live reindeer. But Christmas in June wasn’t always as extravagant — or renowned— as we’ve come to know the celebration today. Let’s take a sleigh ride all the way back to 2014, when the Dekra-Lite elves first received the stadium’s wishlist.

Proposed art with a crystal branch tree with red ornaments

We had big aspirations for the first-ever celebration. But a giant illuminated tree didn’t exactly give the warm holiday welcome the stadium was looking for. 

 Classic wreath and garlands with red bows  Stadium entrance poles wrapped with garland

So the diamond donned some classic theme wreaths and garland swags, lined the entrance poles with matching garland, and considered the inaugural celebration a success. 

And it’s only grown from there. Each year the stadium introduces a few new pieces to keep its décor fresh, but the core elements have remained tried and true since the first celebration.

Angel Stadium entrance with 18' Christmas tree and Moravian star tree topper

When 2015 rolled in, we were ready to WOW. We brought in an 18’ tree dressed in our classic theme ornamentation with a Moravian star tree topper. Talk about an upgrade! 

Classic wreath with red and gold bow

The exclusive Kettle Club featured swag garlands with matching red, green, and gold ornamentation, gold pine cone ornaments, and a giant wreath decorated with the same. 

Giant wreath with red bow at Angel Stadium

The outfield gained its legendary 12’ wreath in 2015, along with the garlands and wreaths lining the stadium’s walkways. 

Santa set with giant candy canes, toy soldiers, and a fireplace

The fan-favorite 2015 addition, though, was the giant Santa set complete with nutcrackers, toy soldiers, candy canes, Christmas trees, and a fireplace. The perfect halfway-to-the-holidays family photo op. 

Giant Christmas tree with custom graphics ornaments Custom graphic Christmas tree base that says Christmas in June #BigAHoliday

The following year, we elevated the tree. Literally. With a custom graphic tree base and custom ornaments to match, Christmas in June never looked so bespoke.

Two women dressed in Christmas attire posing with Santa in front of a selfie station with two Christmas trees and a custom graphic that says Angels Giant Christmas tree with red and blue giftbox custom graphic tree base

2017 brought a photo op fit for a Christmas king, a new tree base and custom ornaments to match, and candy cane colors climbing up the giant hat posts.

 Happy Holidays sign filled with red garland and two red bows above a stadium entrance  Giant hat pavilion with red and white decor wrapping down its posts

With a Happy Holidays sign and regal gold-trimmed red bows hanging above the stadium entrance, this year’s program was one of our favorites. 

Two women dressed in Christmas attire and Santa Claus dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and straw hat holding a baseball bat in front of a custom selfie station with two toy soldiers in the background

In 2018 we pitched a simpler style with a red and gold drum base for the tree paired with a toy soldier selfie station. You truly can never go wrong with a classic Christmas theme.

Selfie station with giant green velvet Santa chair in front of a custom backdrop of a fireplace with three stockings and a wreath that says Christmas in June

There’s no place like home for the holidays, which is why 2019’s Christmas in June branding was all about creating a cozy Christmas atmosphere.

Outdoor Christmas tree with a base designed like a brick wall with two stockings that says Christmas in June Four stocking props filled with red and white fuzzy garland hung above Angel Stadium's homeplate gate

With a plush, oversized Santa seat in front of a fireplace backdrop and a stocking-clad tree base to match, garland-covered stockings hung above the stadium entrance with care, and fluffy shimmering garlands wrapping the giant hat posts, this year’s program definitely served up warm fuzzy feelings. 

Angel Stadium's giant hat pavilion with red posts and white fluffy garland winding down the poles

Christmas in June 2020 was going to be a homerun — with sleighs lined up and plans moving forward in early March. But Covid stopped the celebration in its tracks, and Christmas in June was put on hold for two long years. 

And that’s why we were so excited to be back and better than ever this year.  

Kid jumping to touch the giant Christmas tree with a custom red base with images of gifts and foliage that says Christmas in June in front of Angel Stadium

We’re talking 1,800’ of garland. Ornaments dressed in argyle sweaters. Ohtani snow globe giveaways. 

Two Angel Stadium security guards smiling in front of a giant Christmas wreath

The Angels might have been short on runs during this year’s Christmas in June celebration, and the mercury may have been pushing 90 degrees in the outfield, but there’s one thing there was an abundance of for certain:

Some serious Christmas spirit!

 For more shots from the Angels' 2022 celebration, check out our Christmas in June gallery!


Select images courtesy of Angel Stadium.

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