Props & Décor

Let your guests feel childlike joy this season.

Remember all those years you lined up at your local mall to see Santa Claus? All the gift boxes and reindeer and candy canes lining the path to the most important moment of the year? Now you get to be the one who buys the decorations, creating Christmas memories that will last a lifetime. And our Props and Décor collection is a great place to start.

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Irkutsk Inflatable Reindeer

Irkutsk the Reindeer is the perfect addition to any holiday scene and photo op. This jolly giant is 9.8' tall and...

Merry and Bright Selfie Station

Give your guests something to talk about — and somewhere to take a photo — this season! Our Merry and Bright Selfie...

Lit Jeweled Nutcrackers

Add order to your holiday display with these stoic suited nutcrackers. These Lit Jeweled Nutcrackers dazzle with multicolor LEDs and...

Standing Reindeer

Bring a cool and classic twist to your Santa set this year with our Standing Reindeer. This stylish, elegant, and...

Odessa Inflatables

Captivate your guests with this larger-than-life standing inflatable ornament! The Odessa Inflatable is perfect for selfie stations and floor displays. Available...

Colombo Inflatables

Captivate your guests with this larger-than-life inflatable ornament! The 9.8'x5.2'x5.2' Colombo Inflatable is perfect for filling overhead spaces in a unique...

Chiba Inflatables

Captivate your guests with this larger-than-life inflatable ornament! The 6.6'x5.6'x5.6' Chiba Inflatable is perfect for selfie stations and overhead displays, perfectly...

Hasvik Inflatables

Add festive fun to your floor displays with our standing Hasvik Inflatables! This red and white patterned ornament is available in...

Narvik Inflatables

Add festive fun to your overhead spaces with our hanging Narvik Inflatables! This red and white patterned ornament is 5.2'...

Crystal Branch Tree Collection

Dazzle your guests this Christmas with the one-of-a-kind Crystal Branch Tree. This light tree is completely composed of cool white...

Giant Wreath Selfie Station

Style a stunning selfie spot with our Giant Wreath Selfie Station. This wreath is decorated on both sides with ornamentation of...

Lit Nutcrackers

Guard your entrances with our sophisticated 10' Lit Nutcrackers. These fashionable focal points are available dressed in classic Christmas colors...

Bring On the Nostalgia

One of the best parts of Christmas as a kid was unboxing the treasured decoration collection. Reenacting favorite holiday movie scenes with the decorations you were allowed to play with. Admiring the ornate ones from afar.

The props in this collection are both.

They're so nice you'll want to treat them like fine china, and so sturdy you can use them for family photo ops.

Reignite your guests' holiday memories this year.

Bring Holiday Magic to Life With Large Christmas Props

There's a reason every holiday movie is riddled with oversized fiberglass decorations – they bring Christmas spirit to life right before our eyes. What was once a whimsical concept of comradery and letters to Santa becomes tangible when you're faced with a 12' candy cane.

Our collection of durable Christmas props, including larger-than-life figurines, giant inflatables, gift boxes, photo op props, and more, is crafted to bring the magic back into your commercial holiday displays.

The best part?

Just about all of our props are made for indoor and outdoor use so you can catch your guests' attention outside and draw them in, keeping the magic flowing seamlessly.

Explore our life-size prop shop.

Two giant candy cane decorations are staged in an outdoor shopping center in front of a small decorated Christmas tree.
These decorations bring back memories of waiting in line for Santa.
But not like in "A Christmas Story." Not like that at all.
An upward angle of the top of a giant nutcracker decoration. The nutcracker is painted with a green jacket and hat with maroon and gold accents, and is decorated with small white lights.
Two giant hanging inflatable ornaments are suspended from a shopping mall ceiling. They are surrounded by diamond-shaped decorations with gold frames and warm white lights.
A giant stack of multicolor ornaments is staged in an outdoor park. The ornaments are 10' tall each, and are varying in colors of red, green, purple, and silver. They are stacked in three rows.
A giant ornament fashioned as a seating arrangement stands in a courtyard. The ornament is made of a clear netting wrapped with mini lights, and its edges are lined with garland decorated with green, blue, and silver ornaments of varying sizes.
A pavilion shown at nighttime with its edges decorated with illuminated snowflake decorations. The pavilion and snowflakes are reflected in a pool that stands just in front of the structure.
Giant fiberglass props including candy canes and gift boxes are staged alongside a decorated Christmas tree and navigational signage, indicating the direction of various holiday photo ops.

Why Choose Dekra-Lite's Giant Props for Christmas?

High-Quality Materials

Crafted from durable materials like fiberglass and heavyweight canvas, these props are designed to withstand the test of time and winter weather conditions.

Vibrant Designs

Our decorations feature vivid colors and intricate details, ensuring they stand out in any display and bring the holiday spirit to life. Custom color palettes available by request.

Versatile Applications

These props are perfect for a wide range of commercial settings, from shopping centers to public parks. Use them to line your walkways, stage your Santa set, and curate magical photo opportunities.

Easy Setup and Storage

Designed with ease of use in mind, these props are simple to set up and can be conveniently stored away when not in use.

Customizable Options

From custom configurations and color palettes to entirely unique builds, we'd love to make something special for your display.

Eye-Catching Sizes

These aren't your average holiday lawn decorations. Our larger-than-life props are available in a variety of sizes, ensuring they make a significant impact in any space.