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Leaders in "luxe decoraties," as our Belgian partners would say.

"Bright Ideas for Luminous Partnerships"

Based in Belgium, Globall Concept has been taking the commercial Christmas industry by storm since 1996. Dekra-Lite is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Globall Concept products in the U.S. Our partnership with Globall Concept allows us to provide our customers with top-of-the-line holiday decor from designers across the globe.

Elegant and Elaborate

As one of the world's premier Christmas decor providers, Globall Concept has perfected the art of designer Christmas trees. From holiday favorites like the Sherwood Tree to the chic and luxurious Shinto Tree, every element in this collection truly shines.

Illuminated Luxury

Shine bright this season with Globall Concept’s collection of light exclusives. This collection includes exquisite accent pieces and vibrant standalone displays that are sure to set your commercial Christmas decor apart from the rest.

Stylish Selfie Stations and Santa Sets

Globall Concept specializes in ornate and over-the-top decor. So it’s no surprise that the company also designs picturesque selfie stations and regal Santa sets. Incorporate Globall Concept’s line of alluring arches and majestic thrones into your holiday theme for a sensational display.

The Magic Doesn’t Stop There!

Globall Concept has an extensive line of sophisticated decor and swanky props to vitalize your commercial Christmas program. Check out our partner’s modern and magical collections for the finishing touches your decor needs to shine.