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Discover the Vibrant World of RGB Lighting

Immerse yourself in the enchanting spectrum of RGB color-changing lights, a game-changer for both Christmas dazzle and year-round decorating brilliance.

Our extensive product line, featuring awe-inspiring RGB trees, captivating props like snowflakes and spheres, and versatile light strands, is designed to transform any space into a dynamic display of color and light. Perfect for event venues, city celebrations, public spaces, and shopping centers, our RGB solutions promise an unforgettable visual experience.

RGB is the next generation of LED lighting. It stands for red, green, blue, and each bulb has three LEDs – one of each color – emitting light diodes.

With just these three colors, our RGB lights create any hue your heart desires!

Illuminate Your Imagination with Our RGB Collection

RGB Trees

Stand in awe of our spectacular RGB Trees. Built on our #1 selling Sequoia Tree, these light shows are where cutting-edge technology meets holiday spirit, offering endless color combinations to match any theme or occasion. Whether you want a simple set-up or an entirely bespoke spectacle, we have you covered with our pre-programmed and custom light shows.

RGB Lights

Our versatile RGB Light Strands are the building blocks of captivating displays, weaving a tapestry of light that dazzles and delights. Choose from classic holiday C7 bulbs, year-round globes, and modern pebble light options. These lights are app controlled, and we're here to help every step of the way from programming to installation and beyond. Whatever you choose, these lights will paint your space in vibrance.

RGB Wall Washers

Transform architectural features into canvases of light with our RGB Wall Washers. Available in RGB and RGBW options (to include white lighting) these wall washers bathe surfaces in vibrant colors that command attention.

RGB Spheres

Elevate your décor with our glowing RGB Spheres, offering a modern twist on festive lighting, perfect for creating displays of pulsating colors on the ground or overhead.

RGB Snowflakes

Add a winter wonderland flair with our enchanting RGB Snowflakes, designed to sparkle with a kaleidoscope of colors, mesmerizing observers. Our RGB Snowflakes are plug and play for a seamless set-up.

RGB Tubes

Our RGB Tubes bring a futuristic feel to any setting, casting dynamic lines of light that dance in synchrony, crafting unforgettable visuals. Our RGB Tubes are plug and play for a seamless set-up.

Ready to see the magic for yourself?

Watch our RGB lights and props in action on our YouTube Channel.

Start shopping our RGB collection to add color-changing magic to your space.

Build an Enchanting RGB Spectacle

When it comes to Christmas, we’re certified pros. That’s why we offer turnkey services — so you don’t have to worry about a single step in your holiday display. But when it comes to programming your RGB Tree, we prefer to take a more collaborative approach.

Our RGB Trees come in two show styles: pre-programmed and custom. Pre-programmed shows are perfect for busy decorators who still want to put on a dynamic display. Simply choose from our selection of Christmas songs and synchronized dancing light displays, including everything from cozy comforts like Stille Nacht and Silver Bells to upbeat holiday hits like Carol of the Bells. For those properties looking to go the extra mile, ask us about creating a completely custom performance for your holiday display!

See the Magic for Yourself

Take a sleigh ride to our YouTube page to watch our RGB trees, lights, and props in action.

You’re ready, so now what happens?

Once you’ve made your decision on the perfect product for your needs, the journey begins. Our account reps and specialty teams are here to partner with you and guide you through the process. Together we’ll ensure that you’ve selected the ideal product, review your preparations for delivery, and consult in your installation.

To ensure a smooth experience, take a moment to review these helpful questions. They’ll assist in identifying your project’s key requirements. We highly recommend speaking with one of our knowledgeable experts to ensure everything is set for the arrival and installation of your RGB solution.

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