Decorating on a Budget: How To Get the Most Bang for Your Buck


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Decorating on a Budget: How To Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

You love the magic and sparkle of the holiday season and want to make sure your property is festive, but your budget is minimal and you’re not sure how far your dollar can stretch.  Don’t worry, you can still create the ambiance you’re looking for AND stay within budget.  When on a budget, the two things to keep in mind are layering and leasing. 


Layering allows you to continue to build and enhance your property by adding a few complementary pieces year over year.  Picture an entranceway with large glass doors and an overhang. Maybe the first year you simply add some decorated garland along the overhang. Then the next year you add some large props like toy soldiers to flank the doors and the year after that you add a large wreath or light curtains above the doorway. You can continue to build and grow your program a little at a time, keeping each year fresh and new for your shoppers.  

At Dekra-Lite, we can help you create your ultimate holiday program, providing recommendations for each year’s décor and how to continue to complement your program through year two, three or even five all while staying within budget.


Leasing programs are traditionally three or five years in length, where the costs of the products are spread over each year of the program, allowing customers to get a little more décor than one straight purchase. One of the benefits of leasing is that you can easily budget for each season as the cost is typically the same for each year of the lease.  At the end of the lease you can simply turn in your décor and start with a fresh new program or, if you really love your décor and want to start layering, there is a buy-out option as well. 

Commercial grade holiday décor can be expensive but remember that it’s an investment that will last you for years. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be amazed at how far your holiday dollars can stretch.

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