Five Simple Ways To Decorate for Upcoming Holidays


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Five Simple Ways To Decorate for Upcoming Holidays

Did you miss out on Fourth of July decorating? There are still plenty of holidays to deck your property for! Whether you’re getting ready for Labor Day, back to school, Halloween, or the holiday season, here are five simple ways to decorate for upcoming holidays.


Stars are the perfect prop for so many seasons: Christmas, patriotic holidays, celestial celebrations. So let’s get your property star-studded! Whether you want giant outdoor star props or something simple to light up your building facades, we have it all.

Our Waterloo collection includes 2D and 3D star props in cool white and warm white depending on your surrounding décor or brand colors. And our Sivas star projection is perfect for day-to-night displays. 

Or add something funky to your upcoming events with LED light spheres. These spiky spheres bring spunk to any space. We love using these props for family-friendly festivities. 


Greenery brightens up any space, and studies suggest even artificial plants make us feel more relaxed. Our Torrey pine garland is a simple way to add life to your property year ‘round. Then transitioning to the holidays is easier than ever with coordinated Torrey pine wreaths.

Prep your property for festivities with vinyl garland. This celebration staple is available in an array of colors and widths. Vinyl garland is an affordable way to add a pop of color anywhere you need. So order garlands galore and bring on the cheer!


Set the tone for your next holiday gathering with lighting. No matter what or when you’re celebrating it’s important that the lights are right. RGB lighting is easily adaptable to any holiday, sporting event, or day-to-night scene setting.

If RGB isn’t your style –– or in your budget –– orange and purple mini lights will create a spooky spectacle for Halloween and warm white mini lights are perfect for a cozy Christmas. 

Get 600’ of mini lights for just over $350* now!


There’s truly no easier way to promote upcoming events and make your property merry than with signage! We design and print custom signs, banners, window clings, photo backdrops and more. So send us your request, we’ll print and hang it up, and you can rejoice in the jubilee.

Pre-Decorated Foliage

Speaking of Christmas, do you ever wish you could just order Christmas trees, wreaths, garland, and sprays with matching ornaments already installed? Our pre-decorated foliage just made your dreams come true. 

We’re here to make decorating easy for all of the holidays. Call our team to make designing your upcoming events simpler than ever.

*Applicable to 50' mini light strands excluding shimmer bulb variants.

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