The Best Time To Order Your Commercial Christmas Décor


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The Best Time To Order Your Commercial Christmas Décor

Let’s cut right to it, the best time to order your Christmas décor is December

“DECEMBER?!” you shout, a bead of nervous sweat rolling down your cheek. “But how could that be? Right at the prime holiday time when the jolly madness is upon us?” 

Yes, but just to be clear, you are not ordering for the current December, but for next December. That would, indeed, be true madness.

We know it’s crazy during the holiday season, but with your commercial holiday decorations already installed, our elves have the opportunity to walk your property and view all of your holiday décor so we can identify the “dark places” to help you add some light. Both literally, with indoor and outdoor light Christmas decorations, and metaphorically with some classic Christmas cheer. This will ensure we can help create the most extraordinary holiday program with you next year.

If you didn’t plan a walk-through with our team while your halls were still decked, don’t worry. We can still help at almost any time of year (but by the time December rolls around, don’t be surprised if we only have have a few ornaments left in stock). 

For a full rundown on our process from start to festive finish, check out How to Tell Your Holiday Story

In the meantime, here are your four key holiday planning months from here on out:


This is the month to finalize and place any orders.


Finalizing the specifications such as electrical, scopes of work, etc.


All the décor is coming in and we’re shipping it out to you for the install!

November - December

All the magic goes up! Smiles of cheer and gasps of joy fly out of your grateful customers’ mouths. Then, the process starts all over again!

With these dates in mind, you are guaranteed to have the most wondrous winter holiday program and season, with unique Christmas décor, minimal headaches, maximum efficiency, revenue, and fun! Have more questions or want to get started right away on planning ahead? Then call us at (800) 474-5179 or email us at

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