Dekra-Lite Mini Lights Warranty

We warranty to the original buyer that our mini lights will be free from manufacturer defects under
normal use and service. 
This warranty is extended for three (3) 60 day seasons or 4,500 hours,
whichever comes first. 

Under this warranty, the company's responsibility is to repair and replace defective mini lights on a
prorated basis. To extend this warranty, all products must be inspected at our facility for defects and/or
proper care and handling prior to repair or replacement.

Return shipping, labor, and/or equipment to install or remove the product are not included in this
warranty. Bulb burn-outs and electrical or other damages that may be the cause of the buyer, their
installers, weather elements, rough handling, or transit are not covered by this warranty.

All merchandise is carefully inspected prior to packaging and shipping. Therefore, goods should be
inspected and tested upon delivery and prior to installation.

For the purposes of this warranty one (1) season is defined as one (1) installation and removal for a
duration lasting no longer than 60 days.