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Brilliant Snowflake LED Ropelight Pole Mount Sale

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Keep your eye on the sky this season with the simple and elegant Brilliant Snowflake LED Ropelight Pole Mount. Our durable cool white LED Ropelights wrap around this snowflake's sturdy metal frame to create a dazzling pole mount display. This 5' snowflake is perfect for illuminating lampposts, lining walkways, and adding cool Christmas tones to any overhead space.
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Product Details

  • 5' Aluminum Snowflake Frame
  • Pure White LED Ropelight*
  • 24 volts
  • 25 lbs
  • Double-sided design

    *Pure White lights give off a very slight blue tint to create a cool, icy winter scene.

  • Brilliant Snowflake LED Ropelight Pole Mount