Low-Voltage Sequoia Tree Collection Sale

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As the first low-voltage giant tree on the market, our 24V Sequoia Trees have everything you love about our classic Sequoia collection, but in a new energy-efficient and child-safe package. Keeping up with our standards of providing the safest trees on the market, our new Low-Voltage Sequoia Trees not only have an RSE (Registered Structural Engineer) stamp of approval, but are paired with our 24V lighting system that is one of the safest in the world. Our low-voltage lighting is water-tight and never gets hot, so it’s safe in all types of weather and perfect for theme parks, pools, public spaces, and just about anywhere little hands can reach.

We had very limited stock of these just-in trees and they flew off the shelves! We will have more available for the 2022 Holiday Season, so check back next year or contact us to reserve yours now.

Hurry, only a few left:

Low-Voltage Sequoia Tree Collection - 18'