WindBreaker Banner Bracket Double Set Sale

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Engineered to withstand sustained 70 mph winds, our WindBreaker Banner Brackets are the most durable banner bracket system in the industry. We construct each WindBreaker Banner Bracket in our warehouse so you can rest assured all of your poles, shoes, and brackets will stand the test of time.

This Double Set includes four pole assemblies, four bracket shoes, four bands (or opt for our set without strapping), 8" hex bolts, and four solid core wires to secure your banner display.

Choose from our 30" and 36" poles depending on your banner size. We warranty these brackets for six years but displays lasting longer than 30 days require our Band-It Bands for this warranty to apply. Refer to our Windbreaker Banner Bracket Warranty for specific details regarding your display's lifespan.


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WindBreaker Banner Bracket Double Set - 30" / Band-It Strapping