Decoration Innovations for the 2022 Season


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Decoration Innovations for the 2022 Season

Our elves are always thinking of new ways to improve our customer experience. 

They built us a new website to simplify online ordering. They revamped our warehouses to improve our behind-the-scenes processes. Now, we’re excited to introduce some newly innovated products to our all-star lineup.  

1. Holy ship!

Freight costs skyrocketed across the globe in 2021. Our décor is larger than life, but that doesn’t mean your shipping costs have to be. We’ve reimagined two of our customer favorites to make you even more merry. 

The Walk-Through Ornament is a luxurious way to brighten up your space. But at what cost? These decorations used to come in two pieces, packaged in two long boxes, and shipped on two pallets. Our team just cut those costs — and these ornaments — in half! Now split in four easy-to-assemble pieces, our Walk-Through Ornaments fit on one pallet for easier and cheaper transporting.

2. You Can’t Spell Christmas Spirit Without IPS 

We love transforming properties with visions of sugarplums, snowflakes, and Christmas icons dancing across building facades and sidewalks. This year we replaced our old Image Projection Systems with a brighter model! With these crisp pure white projections, your dynamic designs will really pop. 

3. Rainb-Oh Yeah!

Our RGB lighting collection is full of updated tech and advanced software to make your light shows smarter than ever. Due to the technical nature of these light displays, Dekra-Lite’s in-house RGB Specialist programs all of your custom light shows. But rest assured, these lights are brighter, better synchronized, and ready to kick some RGButt this season.

Decoration innovation is the heart of our company mission. We can’t wait to see how these upgrades make your holiday programs more magical, and to continue expanding and improving our inventory for seasons to come.

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