The Two-Day Shipping Dilemma


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The Two-Day Shipping Dilemma

The best part about Christmas is its innate ability to bring us back to the good old days, when everyone knew their neighbors and the only way to get a cup of coffee was by ordering in person. 

Now, in an era of online ordering and two-day shipping, instant gratification has become the new norm. We love next-day delivery as much as the next guy, but this need-it-now mindset takes away from the anticipation of Christmas, and it makes planning elegant and elaborate Christmas displays even harder. That’s why the Dekra-Lite team thinks about Christmas all year ’round and we think you should, too. 

So, when should a business start decorating for Christmas?

Right now. For this season and for next season, too. 

Here are four reasons you should start planning your commercial Christmas program today:

Holiday magic doesn’t happen overnight

We offer turnkey services, which means we’ll do everything for you from designing your program to storing it until next season. But it takes time to make magic happen! Our team needs ample time to plan your holiday program and ensure seamless implementation into your property. The design and fabrication processes can take anywhere from 30 days to a full year depending on your dreams and aspirations for your project, so don’t hold off on your holiday planning. 

Custom designs take even longer!

Our in-house designers are experts in their craft, which is why it takes three to eight weeks on average for them to bring a custom project to life. Creating custom designs like banners and signage takes roughly three weeks, while more complex customization takes upwards of eight weeks. We even custom engineered these arches for South Coast Plaza, and that's a process you won't want to rush. Still, every project is different and we want to make sure each custom design is perfect before we send it your way.

International freight complications 

We make some amazing products in-house, but we also have partners across the globe that help us create beautiful holiday programs. Products from our international partners take 90 days to manufacture plus three to four weeks to arrive at our Orange County warehouse. As our global community continues to manage COVID-19, freight from these areas remains delayed, meaning anticipated shipping times will continue to be volatile for the foreseeable future. We want to make sure all of your products are here in time, so the sooner we can start discussing your commercial holiday décor, the better.

Christmas doesn’t start in December! 

There’s still eight months until Christmas, but that means there’s only seven months until it’s time to deck your halls for the holidays. Most commercial holiday displays need to be set up by early November, and it takes anywhere from two days to a full week to install an entire program.

The holidays remind us to slow down and focus on the things that really matter. But this becomes impossible when you’re scrambling to put together a last-minute holiday display. Start planning your commercial Christmas project with the Dekra-Lite team today so you can sit back, relax, and actually enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

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