The Art of Going Big: Skyline Decor


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The Art of Going Big: Skyline Decor

In the parades and regalia of old, royalty and commoners alike walked, wheeled, and galloped under massive artistic banners into the beating heart of the festival. To walk under such a majestic piece fluttering in the wind was like a beautiful ritual that signaled the beginning of something special. Today, we still decorate our events of special grandeur with building-sized banners, and Dekra-Lite uniquely contributes to this important tradition with our impressive line of Skyline Décor.

Boasting a variety of designs, from festive and playful, to spectacular and unique, our Skyline décor spans city streets to maintain entrances and enhances your holiday program to a powerful level. Imagine an LED-illuminated 22’ snowflake banner wafting over your customers’ mesmerized heads, welcoming them to the special occasion. Well, that dream is a reality with our Royal Snowflake LED Overhead Décor. Do you fancy rich red shooting stars blasting off over and over again? Then look no further than our 21.5' Shooting Star Skyline LED Overhead Décor. To add a grand touch of wonder to smaller interior or exterior spaces, we have pieces like our 8' Nuuk Skyline LED Overhead Décor, which adds a cool-white twinkle to the environment. 

We can also create one-of-a-kind custom skylines for those who want something no one else has and/or that fits their brand like no other. The skyline décor isn’t just a one-hit-holiday-wonder either, as it can be reused for many occasions: special store openings, big annual sale events, and more.

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