Tricks of the Trade: How to Hide Extension Cords


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Tricks of the Trade: How to Hide Extension Cords

You’ve spent hours, days, maybe even weeks, pouring your creative heart and soul into designing  the perfect décor environment. Naturally, there are wondrous lights wrapping, snaking, and dangling all over. Yet this glowing wonder creates a bit of a problem . . . there are unsightly power and extension cords ruining the beauty of all your hard work!

We know how you feel, so we are breaking out our tips and tricks toolbox to help (stylishly, if possible) conceal those cords.

  1. Decorated toilet paper rolls: no doubt you have several cardboard toilet paper rolls around. Fold and stick your cords into them and place them out of the way. You can paint, color, draw, use decorative tape and other ways to make them look more festive.
  2. Decorative baskets: if you have a basket (big or small) you can bundle up your cords into there with the plugged-in cord wrapped around or under the basket. Place the basket near your outlets as just another aspect of your decorative ensemble.
  3. Present Boxes: a more holiday-themed option similar to baskets. If you have a large or medium-sized present box or boxes, you can bundle your cords into there. If there is not a stylish or obvious way to hide the cord sticking out, then you can cut a little hole into the bottom or outside of the box and feed the cord through.
  4. Zip Ties: Grab some zip ties and wrap up the cords–simple enough! Zip ties of varying sizes work  well for both thin and thick cords alike. There are also different surge protectors and wall mounts too that can create more space and be hidden behind larger decorative pieces like our big stuffed animals. If it’s too difficult to hide them, then cover the cords with another piece of matching color cloth or decorative item to blend in with the rest.
  5. Cord Management Kits: there are different cord management kits out there of varying costs that help with organizing and concealing cords in different ways. Many of these are for smaller house-like interior spaces and may not work as an effective solution for larger commercial pieces.
  6. Staple Gun: if you aren’t too concerned about the after-effects, you can always bust out the big guns! Staple guns that is. Stapling your cords wherever a staple will fit is a very seamless and customizable option. Of course, the downside is the little holes and the work of unstapling them afterwards, but in a pinch or for those who don’t care, it works wonderful.

With all of these ideas and many more out there, the idea is to try and either hide completely or integrate the cords into your décor theme. You could get really creative and turn the cords into magical reindeer tales with bits of colored paper or natural jute rope for more rustic pieces.

As always, our Dekra-Lite electricity masters have everything you need and are happy to offer their advice!

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