Unique Christmas Wreaths to Spark Yuletide Traditions


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Unique Christmas Wreaths to Spark Yuletide Traditions

Today is the day you foster a tradition.

As your customers don their soft sweaters, get cozy in the car, and head out to your property, they have no idea the holiday magic that awaits them. As they park, they get their first glimpse of what’s in store: Christmas cheer beyond compare. And the first thing they see as they walk through your entrance? A giant Christmas wreath, personalized to your property. 

Dekra-Lite’s unique wreaths are a decorative element you won’t want to leave out of your commercial holiday décor program. They rekindle classic holiday cheer while your guests make new memories, take family photos, and stock up on Christmas gifts. Our stylish and customizable wreaths allow you to connect to this age-old tradition while catering to your brand or chosen color scheme. Plus, our giant wreaths are the perfect large indoor and outdoor Christmas décor. 

Our unique Christmas wreaths come in all shapes and sizes. We have square wreaths, oval wreaths, and the classic round silhouette in sizes ranging from 3’-12’. Need a wreath with unique foliage to stand apart from the competition? Our wreath collection includes four foliage types from neat and upscale to wispy and whimsical

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘How do you make a custom Christmas wreath?’ 

With our help, of course! Just select your wreath style, size, and ornament colors, and we’ll put it all together for you. Our wreaths arrive decorated and ready to hang. 

If you want something really personalized for your property, we recommend the Giant Wreath Selfie Station. This large outdoor wreath comes double sided and covered in ornamentation that matches your branding. It also includes a custom base and custom graphic gift tag that you can fill with your logo, motto, or holiday hashtag. 

Don’t have any of those designs on hand? Our in-house design team can make something just for you! All design services are included in your purchase, so don’t hesitate to ask for a hand.

If you love Christmas wreaths but don’t have the time to pick every element, opt for our pre-decorated wreaths. They have all the spirit with none of the planning stress.

Our unique Christmas Wreaths are not just “another decoration,” but a special and customizable take on a timeless holiday tradition. Dekra-Lite wreaths will help your holiday shoppers remember their special Christmas memories while they create wonderful new ones.

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