What Are Our Different Kind of Trees?


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What Are Our Different Kind of Trees?

Trees, trees, and more trees! The Christmas decorator is at once filled with the creative joy of possibilities and the heavy burden of choice. How does one decide between the dizzyingly diverse array of Dekra-Lite trees: from Oregon Pine, Calgary Pine, Western Pine, Mountain Pine, Olympia Pine, Snow-Capped Spruce, Birch, Noble Fir, Fraser Fir and more? Factor in slender and standard sizes, heights from four to twelve feet, and not-to-mention customized options like traditional to coastal themes with everything in-between. Phew, the choices make even us spin . . . but with joy (because we are Christmas fanatics like that).

Our trees, like nearly all artificial trees, are made up of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and PE (Polyethylene), or a combination of the two. What does that mean and why does it matter? PVC has been the go-to Christmas tree for years due to its low cost. Basically, manufacturers create PVC tree needles by cutting thin sheets of flexible PVC into flat strips that are then twisted into a metal wire branch. In contrast, PE is injection molded and 3-D. PE is much more realistic and preferred by high-end designers, but as such, more costly. Often, quality tree manufacturers will strike a balance between realism and cost by mixing PE and PVC together.

Some Dekra-Lite trees also add a mixture of bottle brush, natural pine cones, and sculpting to inspire an even more natural look. Some trees, like our 7.5’ Olympia Pine Slender Tree, are of the highest quality, commercial-grade foliage, made of extra thick crush-resistant PVC foliage and galvanized steel to withstand indoor and outdoor environments.

We have flat-dimension trees, which look like full trees from the front but a slim-depth side view, which are great for limited spaces. Some trees are equipped with special memory wire which allows for easy set-up and Instant Power Technology (IPT), eliminating the need for multiple power cords. All of our trees come in a wide variety of lighting schemes (warm white to tropical) and fixed to rolling stands.

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