Decorative LED Lights

Create a brilliant transformation with Decorative LED Lights.

Step beyond the realm of basic illumination and into a world where lighting is an architect of atmosphere, a curator of experience, and a catalyst for memories in the making. Experience the beauty, warmth, durability and longevity offered with LED lights.

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Vintage LED Bulbs with 4 LEDs

Give your year-round lighting a new style with our Vintage LED Bulbs. These bulbs have 4 LEDs and are specially designed...

Vintage LED Bulbs with 6 LEDs

Give your year-round lighting a new style with our Vintage LED Bulbs. These bulbs have 6 LEDs and are specially designed...

LED Outdoor Image Projection System (IPS)

Display fun and festive imagery on your property this season with our LED Outdoor Image Projection System (IPS). This system...

Incandescent Light Curtain

Light up your skylines, windows, and overhead spaces with our exquisite Incandescent Light Curtains. These pepper lights shine in warm white...

LED Light Curtains

Light up your skylines, windows, and overhead spaces with our exquisite LED Light Curtains. These pepper lights shine in warm...

LED Net Lights

Illuminate your foliage with ease with our LED Net Lights. Available with steadily glowing lights or twinkling lights which mimic...

LED Flood Light Bulbs

Flood your property with color with our vibrant LED Flood Lights! Available in warm and cool white, red, green, blue,...

Meteor Lights

Meteor Lights dazzle the eye as lights fall from top to bottom. These lights illuminate your trees and overhead spaces with...

Straight Edge Lighting

Illuminate your building in a uniform glow with our Straight Edge Lighting! Available in warm or cool white, these lights...

LED Neon Flexible Lighting

Engineered to last with clean lines and a vivid bright light, Neon Flexible Lighting allows designers to create original shapes...

LED Ropelight Spool

Design a luminous display with our LED Ropelight Spools! Our commercial-grade LED Ropelight is made with more resistors per circuit...

LED Ropelight Power Cord

Give your Ropelight display life with this LED Power Cord. These 2-wire cords are available in 2' and 6' lengths.This product...

Banish the Bland, Embrace the Brilliance of Outdoor Light Décor

Is your outdoor space stuck in a lackluster twilight zone? Does your patio resemble a forgotten corner rather than an inviting haven? Fear not! This collection is a treasure trove of lighting possibilities, ready to transform your commercial space into a wonderland of enchantment.

Designed to amaze and made to last, every product in this collection was created to meet your standards. Discover commercial-grade, weatherproof bulbs built with substance and style in mind.

Forget the harsh glare of overhead bulbs. We're talking about painting your evenings with the soft brushstrokes of ambience, where every twinkle, every subtle glow, tells a story. Imagine balmy summer nights spent under the dappled dance of string lights, laughter echoing amidst the warm embrace of Edison bulbs. Or picture crisp winter evenings bathed in the ethereal glow of snowflake projectors, each delicate flake casting a frosty kiss upon the gathering snow.

Lighting is more than just illumination.

It's an art form. Our extensive collection is your creative palette, bursting with colors, textures, and styles to suit every whim. Want to evoke a touch of rustic charm? String up vintage-inspired Edison bulbs and let their warm glow weave tales of simpler times. Craving a touch of modern marvel? LED light curtains will have your guests gazing skyward in wonder, convinced they've stumbled upon a celestial spectacle.

Whether you need glow lights for parties or led outdoor decorative lights, this collection has exactly what you're looking for.

Rekindle the nostalgia of childhood Christmases with twinkling classic mini lights and cheerful C7 bulbs. Embrace the future with energy-efficient LED wonders. Whatever you do, don't just light your space – ignite imaginations and spark joy! With dozens of styles to choose from, it's time to let your outdoor light décor dazzle your guests and create memories that will last a lifetime.

A curtain of warm white globe light bulbs is draped over an outdoor shopping center walkway.

We believe every seating area deserves a standing ovation, every balcony a luminous serenade, and every outdoor space a chance to shine.

Welcome to the light side.

A close-up picture of an orange faceted C7 light bulb in a Christmas tree surrounded by blurred multicolor lights in the background.
A tree in the middle of a shopping center driveway is decorated with warm white mini lights and cool white starburst decorations.