What would Christmas be without all of the decorations and lights? They add excitement and give everyone a little boost in Christmas spirit. When it comes to commercial window displays, they are many options as to how you can decorate. Commercial Christmas decorations are readily available online and there are also options for purchasing used commercial decorations as well. What is one of the first objects you think about when Christmas time comes? How about a Christmas tree?

Giant Christmas Trees

A giant Christmas tree is a great place to start when creating a window display. It draws in people’s attention and there are so many different ways that a tree can be decorated. There are many options like what color lights to choose, ornaments, garland, a tree topper – even down to what type of tree will be used. The rest of the display you may want to consider getting the dimensions and drawing yourself an outline or brainstorm about what you envision. A Christmas display does not necessarily have to be ostentatious; it can be simple and elegant or fun and colorful. Will it be geared towards a specific age group? You can still use this display as a marketing tool for your company, so think smart; but fun! Some things to keep in mind when creating a window display are unity, a focal point, remembering that less is more, window painting, and create a sketch or outline of what you would like the display to look like.

Unity is imperative, you do not want a bunch of random objects thrown together – it will look messy and unorganized. When there is a specific theme, people will recognize it and naturally be drawn in. Perhaps you will choose to use giant Christmas ornaments. The type of ornaments that you choose may be what sets your display apart from others and may get your display revisited year after year. Large Christmas decorations tend to be ‘go to’ items when creating a display. Depending on the size of the space you are working with will determine what size decorations would be best. You want to fill the space without overdoing it.

Overall, this should be a fun and easy project to accomplish. People have already become excited over Christmas and many just like to browse around and look at the pretty displays. Lighting along with some snow, a few reindeer figurines next to a tree will certainly help maintain that Christmas spirit. Another great idea that is inexpensive is wrapping empty boxes to look like presents to place throughout your display.