How To Promote Your Holiday Décor


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How To Promote Your Holiday Décor

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. But if you’re more of a behind-the-scenes holiday hype man, you can still share the seasonal scoop.

Whether you’ve purchased décor, scheduled events, or just have general holiday happenings, you’re going to want to promote them. And your customers are going to want to hear about them! 

Here are our three favorite (and free!) ways to promote décor:

Social Media

Even if you’ve never heard of FOMO, you’ve probably experienced it. And social media is a great way to invoke people’s fear of missing out. Whether you’re trending on TikTok or barely touch your business’ Facebook account, social media is a great way to promote your holiday decorations. Plus, it doesn’t really matter if you don’t have a huge following. When people are searching for Christmas events, your social pages give them a place to find information about your property’s holiday plans. 

One of our favorite ways to get our audience interested in upcoming projects is with teasers. Think close-up photos of your décor or quick videos of the installation process. By giving people just a glimpse of what’s to come, they’ll be more interested in coming back to your page – and ideally, your property – to see the final product for themselves. You can also post pictures of your team members taking photos in front of your décor so when your guests are ready to experience the holidays, they know where to go.

If you plan on hosting information about your decorations and holiday plans on your website, social media is a great place to link that information as well.


If you have a website, this is its time to shine! No matter where your guests land on your site, your goal should be to guide them back to what truly matters: your upcoming holiday events. 

Do you have carolers coming? Promote it. Did you plan a tree lighting? Promote it. Are you hosting horse-drawn carriage rides? Promote it. Will you have a hot cocoa stand? Promote it. Have décor all over the city? Promote it. Santa coming? Promote it.

The bottom line: people can’t go to events they don’t know about. So make sure everyone who lands on your website knows where to go for holiday cheer.

Last year we made a map of all the places to find our decorations. If all of your décor isn’t in one central location, let your customers know! It’s super easy to make a map with all of your holiday hot spots, and you can even include pictures of what they can expect to find there.

Local Guides & Blogs

A quick google search for “Christmas decorations SoCal” brings up dozens of news outlets and local bloggers sharing their yuletide tips. Make sure your community knows what you have to offer! 

The more you promote your events on your own platforms, the easier it is for them to find your events and share them with the masses. You can also reach out to your local reporters and social media channels to let them know why people should come to your property to celebrate the season.

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