Here, at Dekra-Lite, we get a lot of questions regarding commercial-grade versus retail-grade Christmas lights. In this article, we are going to explore some of the ways they differ. 

Distinguishing Between Commercial-Grade and Retail-Grade Lights


The first difference you will notice when comparing lights is the price. Commercial-grade, or pro, lights are more expensive than retail-grade lights. This is because manufacturers use higher quality products when producing commercial-grade lights.

While commercial-grade lights require a higher initial investment, they tend to be cheaper in the long run because you don’t have to replace them as often. Commercial-grade lights can last up to twice as long as retail lights.  

At Dekra-Lite, all of our LED light strands come with a three-60-day season or 25,000-hour warranty (whichever comes first). 

Bulb Design

Another significant difference between pro and retail lights is the bulb design. The bulbs in commercial lights are made of vinyl, which makes them shatterproof. They also have a one-piece design, meaning the bulb can’t be removed from the socket. This feature is beneficial because it prevents dirt and water from entering the light set. Given that this is a leading cause of light failure, this feature can be pretty advantageous.  

Retail lights, on the other hand, have a two-piece design. A two-piece design means that the bulb can be removed from the socket, which allows you to switch out bulbs that no longer work. 

Cord Length and Thickness

Commercial-grade Christmas lights have shorter cords than retail-grade lights. The shorter length is advantageous because they are less likely to get tangled, and there are fewer failure points in a single strand. The thickness provides better insulation and makes the cord weatherproof, which makes it safer and better equipt for outdoor use. 

The thicker and shorter wiring found in commercial lights also makes them more efficient at conducting electricity. This feature is a huge advantage for commercial properties because they consume heavy amounts of electricity. For them, professional lights can save them time, money, and help them avoid a power outage. 

Powering the Lights

If you are planning to work with commercial lights, be prepared to use a power adapter and a threaded two-point coaxial connector.  Retail lights, on the other hand, require only a standard socket. 

Visual Output

Another difference between pro and retail lighting is the visual output. The visual quality of the diode will appear better in commercial lights than retail lights. One reason is the light cycle. Professional lights cycle on and off more often than retail lights. By flickering faster, the change is less noticeable, meaning a more consistent visual output. 

When lights flicker slower, as they do in retail lights, the change is more likely to be perceived. Some people have even complained of headaches when they are around retail-grade lights for too long. 

Commercial-Grade Lights From Dekra-Light

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