WindBreaker Banner Bracket Set Sale

WindBreaker Banner Bracket Set Sale

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Engineered to withstand sustained 70 mph winds, our WindBreaker Banner Brackets are the most durable banner bracket system in the industry. We construct each WindBreaker Banner Bracket in our warehouse so you can rest assured all of your poles, shoes, and brackets will stand the test of time.

This set includes:

(2) pole assemblies

(2) bracket shoes

(8) 3/8" hex bolts

(2) 12" pieces of solid core wire to be used as banner ties 

    Choose from our 30" and 36" poles depending on your banner size. We warranty these brackets for six years but displays lasting longer than 30 days require our Band-It Bands for this warranty to apply. Refer to our Windbreaker Banner Bracket Warranty for specific details regarding your display's lifespan.

    Banding not included.

    Bulk and special ordering options available. Contact us for more info.
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    Shipping Info (maybe)

    If it’s for seasonal installation, then we recommend adjustable bands and if it’s a long-term or permanent installation then we recommend using band-its.

    Our banners are simple to install and remove. Just untie the wires connecting the banner to the bracket shoes, loosen the bottom pole assembly, and remove the banner from the poles.

    Our 30"x96" banners are ideal for street poles. our 30'x60" banners are ideal for walkways and parking lot displays.

    You can install pole banners without a professional. We highly suggest consulting with a professional before your installation and following our WindBreaker Banner Bracket instructions for a safe and secure installation.

    Any banner of the same shape can easily be installed on existing hardware. Various banner shapes (different widths, triangle banners, etc.) may require special hardware. Contact our team at (800) 474-5179 to discuss specific installation questions.

    The best Banner and Bracket Set on the Market

    Having the right hardware for your pole banner is important.

    We build only the strongest and most reliable hardware for your job. Engineered for long-lasting exterior installations, our WindBreaker Banner Brackets are the most durable banner bracket system in the industry, and we make them right here in our Southern California warehouse.

    Our WindBreaker Banner Brackets are adaptable to fit any type of pole.

    We build our brackets with 7/8” cantilevered flexible fiberglass arms which help spill wind right off your banners. This built-in safeguard ensures a weatherproof display that won’t quit! Built with 100% extruded aluminum and installed with stainless steel banding, these brackets make certain that there are no oxidizing materials on your poles. That means no more rusty light poles caused by subpar banner displays! Shoe housing is arched to minimize movement and allow attachment to any shaped pole.

    Dekra-Lite WindBreaker Banner Brackets are the best hardware for the job.

    Whether you’re installing stock graphics or a completely custom banner project, our WindBreaker Banner Brackets are the best hardware for the job. If you weren't already sold on the strongest hardware in the industry, all of our WindBreaker Banner Brackets come with a six-year warranty for your peace of mind! Guaranteed to withstand 70-mph winds conditions.

    Easy and Convenient Installation

    Our bracket shoes can be adjusted up to 8” after installation in case you need to adjust your bracket heights for a perfect presentation. We use a standard hex bolt, allowing you to use your own tools whereas our competitors require you to use a small Allen wrench. We also make it easy so you can leave your banner bracket shoes up on the pole year-round, so installation is easier next season and you don’t have to start over.

    Still have doubts? We stand behind our banner brackets so you can rest assured knowing your banner display won’t quit! What are you waiting for? Let’s get your banner display started today!

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