Take Your #ELFIE!

In today’s holiday world, Santa likes a good selfie. Scrolling through photos on social media around the holiday season will deliver a diverse snowstorm of photo experiences ranging from the fun and quirky, romantic and endearing, to the sparkle and glam. It seems that everyone is snapping, posting, and tagging in this newly established holiday tradition! So it’s absolutely critical that you help create that special holiday photo-op worthy of being posted amidst the heavy attention-grabbing competition. By securing a spot in your patrons’ social conversations, these Instagram-worthy experiences are a creative way to enhance your branding strategy during the holiday season.

“Over the past few years we’ve seen this next generation to the photobooth grow in popularity,” shared Nicole Cintron, Dekra-Lite Creative Director. “We’ve designed a collection of Instagram-able photo opportunities that inspires our customers’ patrons to take and share their precious holiday memories with friends and family in the moment.”

Knowing how important this new holiday tradition is for your customers and our clients’ business, Dekra-Lite has gone to great lengths to create truly unique holiday photo experiences with our newly designed collection of selfie-stations

Besides being big, fun, creative, and stylish pieces, these photo experiences have your logos and the all-important hashtags displayed boldly, so no one can miss your message and they will be sure to share.

Besides the overall increased photo sharing of the holiday season, your competitors and their many offerings/holiday sales will also be fiercely vying to be a part of that shareable moment that could mean a lifetime of customer loyalty. After all, many of us look at those fond holiday memories for years to come, and they won’t soon forget how you helped contribute. All the more reason to set yourself creatively apart.

Increase your Brand Visibility this holiday season!

We’ve designed a collection for you that ranges from the cuddly to the glam in Holiday decor.  Each photo experience can display your logos and the all-important holiday hashtags, so no one can miss your message with every share!

Click through a peek of our Selfie Station Collection below:

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