Creating Commercial Christmas Focal Points


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Creating Commercial Christmas Focal Points

Christmas decorations can be a great marketing tool and have come to be expected around the holidays. Festive lights, giant Christmas trees, and welcoming décor can attract tenants and visitors alike but where do you begin? 

The idea of decorating a property can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. 

Commercial holiday programs with budgets of any size will benefit by creating focal points and strategically placing and selecting décor for maximum impact.

To begin, think about the property or space you’re decorating and make a list of high-traffic areas. Where do people enter and exit? Perhaps there is a fountain with outdoor seating that can be taken advantage of? Is there a corner that can be seen from a major highway? What about something iconic and unique to the property like a clock tower that locals love?

Nowadays, what you choose to decorate can be more important than the décor itself ― it doesn’t always have to be a Christmas Tree. Remember that clock tower? You can animate it utilizing color-changing lights and turn it into a stunning light show complete with synchronized music and falling snow! This type of event will create a buzz and keep people coming back night after night.

Dekra-Lite makes sure to choose the best locations for décor and can custom create exactly what is needed for your focal point. If you have a monument that can be seen from a major highway, consider wrapping it in garland, draping it in lights, or commissioning a large bow that can be seen far and wide signifying the holidays have arrived at your property!

One of our favorite focal points to augment are water features. Ponds, fountains and water gardens are all excellent locations for sparkling décor! The water creates a magical moment since the lights reflect and people will love to stop, photograph and share their Instagrammable moment with others.

If you do have a main plaza that is perfect for a giant tree, try doing something unique such as using a walk-through tree, an animated color-changing tree, or changing up the décor to something unexpected and whimsical like large lit snowflakes or custom-branded ornamentation. Make sure to think about how people will photograph their memories and strategically place "Happy Holidays" signs and other décor such a giant fiberglass gift boxes, candy canes, and ornaments. By pairing the tree with additional décor you’re creating a wow moment. The staging and building up at the base of the tree is something that can be done over a couple of years. By adding small enhancements and upgrades you ensure that your visitors always have something new to gaze upon.

Once you identify what you want to focus on and the décor for your budget in that space, you can think about how people get there and what they walk past. Consider lighting up the landscaping trees that line the walkway leading to your main plaza or adding garland on all the facades directly around that clock tower or existing focal point.

Another easy way to create focal points is to leverage contrast, the unusual, or isolation. Think about the tree-lined pathway in warm white lights and how it could lead to a tree in all cool white lighting. Perhaps there is a dark area by a parking garage guests walk past ― consider adding elements like toy soldiers in unexpected colors to match your property's logo or a monochromatic look in all gold.

Whatever your property, budget, or aesthetic, everyone can benefit from careful planning and strategic placement of their décor. From lining your building’s roof with bright lights to turning your trees and foliage into a winter wonderland, there are plenty of ways to transform your property but they all start with creating focal points.

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