2024 Décor Trends Unveiled: Transform Your Space with the Latest Styles


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2024 Décor Trends Unveiled: Transform Your Space with the Latest Styles

In the world of décor, anticipation for the festive season begins long before the first snowflake falls. At Dekra-Lite, our designers are already weaving the fabric of tomorrow's Christmas, drawing inspiration from the myriad of design trends unfurling throughout 2024. These trends are not just fleeting whims. They are the muses for our upcoming holiday collections, influencing every ribbon, light, and ornament we select. Join us as we unveil the design visions that have our designers dreaming of a Christmas like no other, informed by the most captivating trends of the year.

Why Do Trends Matter?

In a world awash with fleeting fads and rapid shifts in taste, it's easy to dismiss the latest trends as mere whimsy. Yet, understanding these shifts is crucial, not only for staying relevant but for connecting with our guests on a deeper level. Whether we're creating magic for the holiday shopper or the summer visitor, recognizing and integrating these trends ensures we not only meet expectations but also offer the delight of the unexpected.

Trends are the language of our collective preferences, changing with the seasons yet always reflecting our shared moment. They are not reserved for the influencers or the fashion-forward alone. They are acknowledged, consciously or not, by everyone. By keeping our fingers on the pulse of these changes, we ensure that your property remains not just a backdrop, but a leading character in the stories your guests will tell.

Worry not about keeping up with these ever-evolving tastes yourself. Our team of designers is dedicated to translating these trends into spectacular decorations for Christmas and beyond, ensuring your spaces remain both timeless and timely.

Styles & Trends


2024 sees the unabashed celebration of maximalism, inviting us to embrace the joy of excess. Christmas, with its inherent opulence, finds a perfect match in this trend. Imagine spaces alive with rich colors, eclectic mixes of textures, and bold statement pieces that speak to the heart of your brand's identity. 

A storefront window display lined with overly decorated red garland showcasing a red Christmas tree inside.

Maximalism isn't just decoration; it's a declaration of joy.

Bold Minimalism

Conversely, bold minimalism offers a serene counterpoint, proving that restraint can be just as impactful. This trend champions spaces that breathe, where each element, from a striking piece of art to a solitary splash of color, stands out against a canvas of calm. It's about achieving balance, making bold statements without overwhelming the senses, perfect for brands exploring the edge of trendiness with caution.

A giant undecorated Christmas tree stands in a hotel lobby decorated with only one giant green velvet bow with red and gold gift boxes around the base.


A theme park walkway is decorated with nostaligc commercial Christmas decorations including garland draped over the street and a skyline display that says Happy Christmas - 1938.

In a nod to simpler times, 2024 also embraces vintage vibes and a return to artisanal craftsmanship. This trend celebrates the beauty of the past, urging us to find new value in the old. It's about sustainability, authenticity, and storytelling through décor, offering a sense of warmth and nostalgia that enriches the guest experience.

Colors, Shapes, & Textures


The color palette of 2024 dances across a spectrum from vibrant jewel tones to earthy neutrals and romantic pastels. Peach Fuzz, the Pantone Color of the Year, bridges these categories, embodying the fusion of trends we see in the coming months.

When it comes to vibrant shades, consider our maximalist theme. Bold and bright colors, along with jewel tones and deep purples. These shades capture attention and add excitement to your space. Use them sparingly or use them everywhere. Either way these shades are sure to spark joy.

Five vibrant color swatches, one hot pink, yellow-green, blue, magenta, and deep purple.

Earthy tones like warm neutrals and soft greens are making their way to the stage, too. We saw deep greens on the rise at the end of 2023 and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Leverage these shades to create cool and calm spaces, and to balance out your vibrant tones.

Five earthy color paint swatches, one cream, navy, tan, pale green, and deep green.

Following the neutrals and naturals are the romantics – pinks, reds, and elements like lace, ribbon, and florals. 2023 saw a rise in the “coquette aesthetic.” This emphasized playful, flirty, and traditionally girly styles. 

Five romantic color paint swatches, one baby pink, bright pink, deep pink, maroon, and deep red.

There’s no way to tell if these trends will last all the way ‘til Christmas, but we will definitely be using Poinsettias everywhere we can this season. In the meantime, consider incorporating these shades and textures into your spring and summer décor before they go out of style.

It’s not just the colors you choose but how you use them. We’re seeing simple color palettes on the rise, with 2-3 tones taking center stage. Mixing metals like silver, copper, and gold tones is a simple way to embrace this trend. Abstract gradients are another great way to leverage these simple palettes and tie together seemingly incongruous shades.

This blend of colors invites creativity, allowing for dynamic spaces that are at once inviting and innovative.

Shapes & Textures

The year's décor is defined by a mix of curves and organic shapes, from rounded edges to bold scallops and lines. Textures play a significant role, with layered surfaces adding depth and interest. Think textured ornaments, dimensional accents, and the interplay of light and shadow, all contributing to a rich, tactile experience.


A man poses for a picture inside of a tunnel lined with rainbow color-changing lights while children and parents walk through in the background.

The ultimate trend of 2024 is the creation of immersive experiences. Inspired by phenomena like the immersive Van Gogh exhibit and social sharing, we're seeing a rise in spaces that engage all senses. 

Interactive light shows, soundscapes, and art-inspired installations transform spaces into shared experiences that linger long after the visit. By integrating bold colors, clean designs, and unexpected accents, these spaces invite interaction, from communal seating arrangements to selfie stations and narrative-driven pathways.

Bring These Trends to Life

With so many styles to keep up with, it can feel daunting to incorporate them into your space. That's why we're here. Bringing these trends to life can be as simple as mixing in textured ornaments or adding a photo op for your guests to make memories in.

As we look ahead to the decorations of 2024, we see more than just trends. We see the opportunity to create spaces that resonate deeply with our guests, offering them not just a visit, but an experience. At Dekra-Lite, we're more than decorators. We're storytellers, using the language of design to weave tales of joy, wonder, and shared memories. Let us help you translate these trends into spaces that speak, ensuring your property remains not just current, but unforgettable.

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