13 Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Christmas Tree


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13 Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree without decorations is like a winter without snow – no fun. But with the amount of décor options available these days, finding the right combination can be difficult. So here are 13 of our favorite ideas to inspire you this holiday season to decorate your beautiful outdoor Christmas Tree.

How To Decorate An Outside Tree For Christmas

With the right decorations and a bit of creativity, you can turn a standard, run-of-the-mill Christmas tree into one that will grab attention from afar and make your customers want to approach for a closer look.

Go for the Classic Wrap-Around Design

The classic wrap-around design has a timeless appeal. It’s simple, looks great, and you don’t need anything besides commercial-grade Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights to make it work.

For smaller trees, start with the base and work your way up with a string of LED bulbs. For taller trees, you’ll need to start at the top with the help of a sturdy ladder.

You can never go wrong with warm white lights, but feel free to show off some more vibrant colors if they better match your setup.

Consider leaving even spacing between each wrap-around for a uniform look.

Cheat With Chic Faux Trees

Using live or live-cut trees for outdoor decoration usually ends up being more trouble than it’s worth, especially if you’re a business looking to use décor as a commercial tool.

Your best option is to use artificial faux trees instead. Unlike their live counterparts, faux trees are more durable, weather-resistant, and require little to no maintenance.

And the best part? You can simply cheat your way into having an awe-inspiring Christmas tree with pre-lit and pre-decorated options.

Create a Stunning Display With a Cascade of String Lights

You’ll use LED lights for this design too, but instead of wrapping them around the tree, hang them at the top and let them drape down naturally.

The result? A spectacular show of cascading lights that resembles the appearance of a waterfall. This design works exceptionally well with taller trees.

Just take care to secure the lights properly to the top of the tree to ensure they have enough support during harsh weather.

Put Your Outdoor Christmas Tree in Front of a Window

Maybe it’s not your décor that needs changing, but rather your tree’s placement. Simply relocating your Christmas tree next to a window can make it more appealing, especially as a selfie spot. You’ll also make a stunning impression on those of your customers who remain indoors.

Quick bonus tip – if the goal is to get your indoor customers to take notice of the tree, use decorative lighting with themes and colors that contrast your indoor décor to make it pop.

Create a Christmas Tree Grotto

Fancy lighting will get you far, but if you want to offer your customers an experience that’s truly unique and immersive, there’s nothing quite like your own Christmas Tree Grotto.

Select a cozy corner on your property for the setup. Put up your tallest Christmas tree first, then surround it with other smaller trees, vegetation, ambient lighting, and props for a captivating, grotto-like effect. Aim to keep the lighting and colors consistent, and the Grotto will come together nicely.

You can go with a simple Christmas theme by using Santa, elves, and reindeer props with some candy cane as décor. Or emphasize the wintery, snowy vibes with snowflakes, snowballs, and flocked trees.

Match Your Tree to the Rest of Your Outdoor Décor

Having some diversity in your outdoor décor is definitely important. But everything eventually needs to come together into one cohesive unit so that nothing looks out of place.

For example:

  • If you’re going with a natural look, you’ll want to use natural decorations like pinecones and burlap ribbons.
  • If you want a more modern look, use big shiny non-breakable ornaments, metallic props, and bright, vibrant lighting.
  • If you want to give off frosty, winter wonderland vibes, combo a flocked tree with silvery lighting.

We recommend having a theme or color palette in mind before starting out with decorating your Christmas tree. Using your brand colors is usually a good call, as it helps you incorporate your business into your décor.

Style a 'Wishing Tree'

Here’s an idea you probably haven’t thought of yet. Present your commercial Christmas tree as a community project.

You can offer your guests and customers a fun, interactive experience by inviting them to your “wishing” tree. Give them tags to write down their wishes, resolutions, and secrets, and then hang on the tree.

You’ll turn first-time visitors into loyal customers and get mentions on social media.

Light Your Tree With Candles

Real candles would be a major fire hazard, so they’re pretty much out of the question here. But battery-operated candles remain a great option. They flicker just like the real ones, use LED lighting and are relatively safer in comparison to the real candles.

Use candles to give off a gentle light with a warm, cozy atmosphere and a more traditional look.

Create a Pastel Marvel With White-Cable Lights

Create a calm, serene experience for your guests with this unique design.

You’ll use pastel-coloured LED lights in a wrap-around style. Think pink, mauve, mint green, and soft blue – all gentle colors that are easy on the eyes and have a soothing effect.

You’ll need the cables to be white, so they blend in with the background and allow the softer colors to shine.

If you like the idea, take things a step further by mixing in some pastel-colored ornaments and props for a more complete look.

Lighted Ornaments

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to lighted ornaments. These eye-catching pieces of décor add visual depth and elegance to your tree’s lighting and serve as a focal point for your viewers’ attention.

They also come in handy when filling in spots that regular LED lights just won’t light up. Pairing lighted Christmas tree ornaments with contrasting strip lights makes for a striking visual effect.

Make Your Garden Merry With Multi-Colored Lights

You usually want to stick to a set color scheme, but not always. But if you don’t have one in mind, experimenting with multiple colors and combinations until you find out what works best with your setup can be the right call. And for that, you’ll need multi-colored LED lights.

Line up your garden with multi-colored strips. Lighting up your business’ perimeters creates an inviting, atmospheric environment for your guests and customers. You can even use different lighting patterns and sequences to add dynamism and movement to the display.

Create an Enchanting Tree Outline With Green Lights

Outlining trees with green lights makes them pop out against the nighttime backdrop. It’s a simple but bold approach you can use to imbue your outdoors with a mystical, enchanting aura. Add some battery-operated candles to the mix, and you’ll have yourself a tree that’s haunting and spooky – but in an exciting way.

Use a mix of different green lights to give your tree more personality. Dark greens make it look deeper and richer, while lighter greens make certain parts stand out. By using a bit of both, you can give your tree’s lighting a more 3D effect.

Stick to Just the Trunk for an Easy Festive Look

Sometimes, less is more. Wrapping just the trunk of your tree in lights is an effortlessly chic way to celebrate the season.

This minimalist approach highlights the tree’s structure and can be a subtle feature in your outdoor décor. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a more low-key design to spread the holiday cheer with, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of having to decorate your tree from top to bottom.

FAQs on How to Decorate an Outside Tree for Christmas

Here are some of the most common questions about decoration that we at Dekra Lite get asked. Have a quick look before you go.

How do you decorate an outdoor Christmas tree?

It’s best to start with a vision or idea of your desired look. Choose a color scheme or theme, then select lights and Christmas decorations that complement the natural beauty of the tree and your outdoor setting.

When getting new décor, don’t tunnel vision on the looks. You’ll also want to consider practical aspects such as durability, weather resistance, and UV-tolerance.

How do you hang Christmas lights on an outside tree?

For small to medium-sized trees, wrap the lights around the trunk and extend them out along the branches. Use clips or ties to secure them to the tree.

For taller commercial trees, you’ll need a ladder and maybe even a pole with a hook to access the top. Always prioritize your safety. If you’re having trouble securing your lights to the top, ask your Christmas tree supplier for help with setting up your decorations.

How do you decorate a Christmas tree so it looks good?

The key lies in striking the right balance between lights, ornaments, props, and surrounding décor.

Start with the lights, add garlands or ribbons, and follow up with your ornaments. Distribute your decorations evenly across the tree. Place larger ornaments closer to the center for depth and smaller ones at the tips of branches.

Periodically step back to assess the overall look and make any needed adjustments until you’re satisfied.

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