How To Incorporate Your Business in Your Décor


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How To Incorporate Your Business in Your Décor

Creating and cultivating a festive atmosphere for your customers this holiday season is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your business. 

But if you've been hauling out the holy for years now, you might be ready for the next step: branded holiday decorations. 

Custom Branded Holiday Décor

Personalizing your holiday program to incorporate your shopping center, city, zoo, theme park, or overarching brand identity can be as simple as swapping out your traditional red and green ornaments for your brand colors instead. (It also doesn't hurt to coordinate with some custom-painted fiberglass décor to match!)

As you'll see in our Selfie Station Collection, holiday selfies are getting all those emoji-heart-eyes! Incorporating a selfie station in your holiday décor is a great way to increase brand awareness. Our Walk-Through Ornament Selfie Station comes with a custom gift tag or backdrop so you can choose a design for your customers will share on social media.

You can also add custom ornament cutouts on your giant Christmas tree. We recommend creating designs that match your theme or your logo. (Pro Tip: Our design team can create these for you so you don't have to!)

Your holiday wreaths and foliage are also the perfect canvas for brand messaging! 

Decorate your wreaths with your brand colors and add a large cutout logo in the center. Or fill your garland sprays with ornament cut-outs to tie your theme together across your property.

Artificial Christmas foliage filled with custom branded ornaments and graphics

The opportunities are endless when it comes to branding holiday décor in a way that will attract attention and holiday spirit. We'll supply the magic for all of your décor demands, whether you need an entire custom branded décor program or something simple. 

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