Easy Like Wednesday Morning – Wall Murals


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Easy Like Wednesday Morning – Wall Murals

You’ve seen them all over town –– in stores, along walkways, maybe even on the staircase at your local library. 

Today we’re talking wall murals. Whether you’re looking for a fresh photo opportunity for your guests or some signage to direct customers through your store, wall graphics are easy, economical, and unobtrusive. They’re also a great alternative to painting your walls to match your monthly marketing.

We specialize in commercial Christmas decorations, but we do way more than sell wholesale Christmas decorations and illuminated trees. Our printing department is fully equipped to produce bulk light pole banners, photo backdrops, window clings, lifesize cutouts, and we’ve even made our fair share of fatheads for high school grads! 

Here are some of our favorite uses of wall murals to get you started on your next project. Contact our team if you’re interested in free design services with your next wall graphic order!

Branded wall murals:

Photographic wall graphics:

Backgrounds for visual merchandising:

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