Employee-Owned for Our Customers' Gain


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Employee-Owned for Our Customers' Gain

Have you noticed a difference between working with Dekra-Lite and working with other décor providers? More in attention to detail? More product options and availability? What about employee attentiveness and customer care?

We hope you have. 

You see, there’s a stark difference between our company and others; one which motivates our team to go above and beyond each day we show up to work. Dekra-Lite is an employee-owned business, meaning that full-time employees are given stock in the company each year they remain employed here. These Employee Stock Ownership Plans, or ESOPs, are growing in popularity, with roughly 6,600 ESOPs in place today covering over 14 million employees and participants in the U.S.

We could take a deep dive into the ins and outs of ESOPS... but we'd rather focus on why ESOPs really matter.  Why ESOPs matter to you

Employee-owned companies generally have higher employee retention rates, grow 2.4% faster, and were even 3.63 times more likely to retain staff members during Covid-19 closures than non-employee owned corporations. 

All of this goes to show that when employees have a stake in their workplace, not only are they willing to work harder, but they actually want to.

So when you work with Dekra-Lite, you aren’t just working with our managers or a sales associate. Every time you call our help desk, email the North Pole, or come in to see our showroom, you’re working directly with our employee-owners. 

We’ve worked hard to cultivate a community of individuals who are invested in the work they do here, and we’ve seen our team provide a higher level of service because of it. 

We hope you do, too.

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