Reuse, Reduce, and Respruce Your Décor


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Reuse, Reduce, and Respruce Your Décor

Reusing last year’s décor is a great way to cut down on holiday spending and reduce your Christmas display’s carbon footprint. If you want your display to look as good as new on its second, third, or — dare we say — fourth year in rotation, it wouldn’t hurt to add a few actually new touches here and there. 

Here are our favorite finishing touches for our top five holiday décor themes:

Classic & Traditional Programs

Festive Ornament Cluster

Our Festive Ornament Clusters match just about any classic red and green Christmas décor. Plus, they’re perfect for adorning doorways, overhead spaces, and even adding to your giant Christmas tree for a little extra dazzle. 

Holly Leaves, Bendable Waterproof Berries, & Berry Pinecone Sprigs

These traditional embellishments are a great way to add visual interest to flat displays. Place these elements throughout your wreaths, garlands, and sprays for a touch of holiday nostalgia. 

Chic & Modern décor

Waterloo Rings

Go big this year by adding one simple element: Waterloo décor. Our Waterloo Rings emanate giant ornaments and are the perfect focal point or photo op for your property this holiday season!

Waterloo Stars

Waterloo Stars are another great way to bring visual interest to your luxurious Christmas scene. Available in three sizes, these stars can be used in small spaces or to steal the show!

Cool Winter Scenes

9" Snowy & Clear Acrylic Snowflake Ornaments

Nothing sets a cool winter scene like snowflakes! Our 9” Snowy and Clear Acrylic Snowflakes are sold in packs of four, so they’re the perfect icy and economical addition to crisp holiday settings.

Wide-Cut Blue Vinyl Garland

You can plan a blue Christmas and a happy one, too! This shimmering Wide-Cut Vinyl Garland is perfect for wrapping lampposts, lining doorways, and dressing foliage like trees, wreaths, and garland.

Candy Cane Christmas

19” Red & White Swirl Ornament

These jumbo swirling ornaments will transform your ordinary property into a candy cane forest! With a glossy façade and glittering wrapped ends, this giant candy is the perfect way to sweeten your red and white display.

Candy Cane Structural Bow

Still feel like your candy cane display is missing something? These red and white striped bows effortlessly tie together any of your theme’s loose ends for a polished final product. Use them in foliage and trees, on lampposts and door frames — these bows basically look great anywhere and everywhere.

Minimalist & Rustic Displays

1" and 2” Shiny & Matte Ornaments 

Small ornaments (and ornaments of all sizes) are great for adding a bit of color in unconventional spaces. Fill up mason jars and glass bowls with ornaments of all colors and sizes for a mini display overflowing with holiday cheer!

Warm White Shimmer Mini Lights

Mini lights are a classic way to illuminate your property for the season. But our warm white shimmer lights add a whole new feel. These twinkling lights are a simple way to elevate your program without adding too much glitz and glamour.

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