Which tree is best for me?


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Which tree is best for me?

Choosing a Christmas tree is important work — it is the focal point of your display, after all. 

Our goal is to carry the tree of your dreams, which is why the Dekra-Lite product line includes 16 classic Christmas tree options and 27 specialty and illuminated trees. But with dozens of trees to choose from, picking the perfect one can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re planning an elaborate and chic commercial Christmas program or a small-scale holiday display, here are the best Dekra-Lite trees to match your theme.

Grandiose Christmas Programs

Ludza Tree

Who wouldn’t love to wake up on Christmas morning to an enormous stack of presents?

The Ludza Tree is the newest addition to the Dekra-Lite line-up. As the outdoor counterpart to the Talsi Tree, the Ludza is an unconventional way to celebrate the holidays. Standing 26.9’ tall, this ornate stack of gifts can be left to shine as is or filled with colorful ornamentation for an extra festive pop.

Either way, this unique and giant centerpiece is sure to be the star of your holiday show. 

Crystal Branch Tree

If you’re going for glamor, our Crystal Branch Trees are for you. 

These illuminated branches mimic glowing icicles cascading down silver pine needles, emanating magic and light in any scenery. We love to place these trees near water for an extra dazzling display.

Traditional Outdoor Holiday Displays

Sequoia Tree

The timeless Sequoia Tree is one of our best sellers, and for good reason. 

These trees are crafted with dense foliage and premium tips resembling those of deciduous sequoias. With self-shaping branches and a registered structural engineer stamp of approval, our Sequoia Tree Collection is perfect for large-scale commercial Christmas programs. 

Sherwood Tree

Sherwood Trees add a unique flair to the classic Christmas tree. With long, draping branches and deep indexing, these trees have a natural and playful appearance that appeals to any type of crowd. Our Sherwood Trees come unlit, so they’re the perfect canvas for funky ornaments and retro lights for a truly nostalgic display.

Lobby and Interior Displays

Noble Fir Tree

Trying to add some holiday cheer inside your property? 

These interior-only trees are easy to set up and come in four convenient sizes, perfect for fitting in your entrance way or lobby. Equipped with a stationary tree stand and Instant Power Technology that makes lighting your tree easier than ever, our Noble Firs are a clear choice to display your interior Christmas decorations. 

Plus, these trees’ dense PVC and PE foliage creates a lifelike appearance so you can mimic the look and feel of deciduous pine trees without the mess!

Fraser Fir Tree

If you’re looking for a more economical option, our Fraser Fir Trees are your next best bet. 

With PVC and PE foliage comparable to the Noble Fir’s, the Fraser Fir gives a similarly realistic look to indoor displays. These trees come complete with a stationary stand and warm white LED mini lights for quick and easy installation that will look great all season long. 

Santa Sets and Family Photo Ops

Low-Voltage Sequoia Tree

Our Low-Voltage Sequoias are the newest addition to the Dekra-Lite foliage line-up.

These trees’ lights never get hot so they’re perfect for family photos and anywhere kids can reach. They are also equipped with rectifiers which reduce GFCI trips for increased safety.

These trees are selling out fast so call our team to secure yours today!

Walk-Through Tree

Walk-Through Trees have become a cornerstone of interactive holiday programs.

These 40’ trees are an exciting way to guide guests to your Santa set. Or, create the perfect family photo spot in your tree’s archway! No matter what ambience you’re creating this season, our Walk-Through Trees will help your guests create unforgettable Christmas memories.  

Rustic Holiday Programs

Calgary Pine

The holidays are the best time to reflect on family, friends, and cherished Christmas memories. So why not create a homey holiday display with one of our Calgary Pine Trees?

Complete with soft foliage and small pinecones, these trees have a fresh-cut appearance that feels as cozy as Christmases past. These Calgary Pines are available in four convenient sizes and come with a stationary stand and Instant Power Technology for easy set-up and storage.

Spruce Snow-Capped Tree

Welcome the chill of winter with a Spruce Snow-Capped Tree. 

These frosty trees bring a natural touch to minimalist and rustic holiday displays. Illuminated with warm white mini lights, these trees look at home when filled with our burlap, flocked, and glitter cage ornaments. 

Still can’t decide on the perfect Christmas centerpiece? Give our team a call to find your festive fit.

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