Finding the Perfect Finish

Finding the Perfect Finish

Signature Ornaments

Our signature ornaments can be used for interior or exterior displays, making them a great starting point for any décor package on your tree, garland, or wreath. These standard ornaments come in different finishes of matte, shiny, candy apple, or pearlized. Each of these reflect light and surroundings differently, so mixing these finishes creates great depth and dimension to your foliage. These can be mixed and matched between numerous sizes and colors for endless possibilities!

Designer Ornaments

Our collection of designer ornaments brings in a new layer of texture and shine to décor.

  • Our durian, woven, shiny and matte ribbed ornaments have beautifully crafted corrugations that bring nice movement throughout décor.
  • The beaded, flocked, burlap, and clear finishes give boutique-inspired finishes to your interior décor. These not only come in rounds, but in an onion and finial shape for even more unique definition.
  • The wave ornaments provide a unique pop of texture for a playful theme. These are great for amusement parks!
  • Our classic jingle bells are the best accents! Pair them with our burlap rounds for a rustic, natural Christmas.
  • One of our most popular finishes are the mercury ornaments. These have an effortless, high-end look that comes in 6 different shapes from a round swirl to oval drops. And they fit in great with just about any theme!
  • The designer glass ornaments are one-of-a-kind, blown glass that comes in classic shapes and sizes. Mix and match hues for a memorable look.
  • Our finials come in numerous finishes such as brushed candy apple, sprinkle, waterdrop, striped, glitter spiral and mirrored. Each so unique, yet all can be paired with one another.



Our designers’ favorite foliage adornments are the embellishments. These instantly elevate a décor package to it’s ultimate potential.

Going for a Winter Wonderland? We love layering with our acrylic snowflakes, icicles, reflective spiral tubes, or LED Ropelight snowflakes. Our acrylic ornamentation gives great daytime appeal. Once the sun goes down, our LED Ropelight snowflakes light up the night with magic!

Plus, this collection includes flitters, ornaments, spirals, berries, pinecones, and more! For a more natural look, our waterproof berries, branches, and berry pinecone sprigs are bendable and fill up foliage with ease.

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