Globall Concept: The International Star on the Holiday World Tree


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Globall Concept: The International Star on the Holiday World Tree

On our own, Dekra-Lite has always been passionately motivated to transcend the status-quo of standard commercial Christmas Décor. We never settle for just good – we always aim for magical. Yet we want our customers to have access to decorative wonder on a global scale, and for that, we have partnered with Globall Concept, the premiere international Christmas décor company. The results of our partnership? Unbelievably awesome.

“Having this exquisite line will allow us to give our customers options not currently prevalent in the U.S. market, as well as to have a partner with the capabilities of providing custom programs designed specifically for the vision of our customers."

Mike Sterling, Dekra-Lite President

You can take a look at our full-line of Globall Concept offerings, but here is a sweet sampling of our delectable Globall Concept décor:


Our Manhattan Tree is a lush gilded tower of a tree that brings opulent magnificence (like a shimmering Manhattan skyscraper) to any large space.

Our Moa Tree is a giant letter-block shimmering wonder of a tree-like shape that simply grabs attention like nowhere else in the word world.

The Shinto Tree has a contemporary edge but graceful shape with a gold finish and warm white lights.

Light Exclusives

With clear mesh and a gold framing, the elegantly grand Ballymena Ornament is more than just décor, it is a scene setter! This amazing ornament is the perfect focal point, sitting area, and selfie station!

The Tiksi Polar Bear is a golden-meshed marvel of eye-feasting décor. It lunges into giant life in any space, with a gorgeously sharp shape that simply takes your polar breath away.

The Ginza Stiletto stylishly stomps anyone away from the dull décor blues! A perfect pair for shopping mall interiors and anywhere you want to step into Christmas boldness.

Fiberglass Décor:

For interior or exterior use, the inescapably playful giant Toy Box is exclusively designed in-house from Belgium and will bring your holiday display to a child-like life!

The Globall Concept Flying Reindeer is an ivory-white, charmingly expressive, reindeer piece equipped with built-in eye-hooks and takes flight by suspending itself with our provided 1/8" galvanized wire rope.

The Gift Throne . . . who will win the game of the Gift Throne, and take their place as King or Queen of Christmas?

Inflatable Elements

Our nearly 10’ inflatable polar bear, Dennis, is the biggest cuddly holiday polar bear ever! Inflatables quickly fill large spaces in a unique way and can be deflated to fit into small efficient spaces. These elements are also customizable.

There are few things that ignite the awe-skating wonder in child and adult than walking amongst and under giant reindeer. Irkutsk, our inflatable reindeer, is a character that, alone or with friends, delights in impossibly adorable ways.

We hate to pick favorites but when it comes to Bilbor, we might just have to. Bilbor is our giant teddy bear, perfect for Christmas and beyond.

These are just a few of the internationally iconic Christmas décor pieces offered by this powerful partnership between Dekra-Lite and Globall Concept. Call us today to start incorporating these magical European-inspired pieces into your holiday program! (800)474-5179

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