How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon


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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon

Is your tree missing something? Are you going for a look that amazes this holiday season? Spice up your tree with some ribbon. Ribbon is such a beautiful element as it spirals down or across trees, flowing over branches. It can be used to accent various decorations and bring the holiday spirit to life. 

With so many ways to use ribbon on your tree, you can’t go wrong with whatever technique you plan on using.

1. How To Put Ribbon On a Christmas Tree

As you begin to adorn your tree with ribbon, you will want to ensure that you have a good plan so your ribbon can perfectly complement your tree and other decorations.

One thing to consider is how your ribbon blends into the overall theme of your decorated space. When picking the color of your ribbon, you should go for a color that matches the other decorations on your tree. To make your tree pop, you could use an accent color that works well with your existing color palette.

Several other things to consider include:

  • Pattern on the ribbon
  • Ribbon width
  • Ribbon texture (for example, satin or metallic)
  • Placement of the ribbon on the tree (for example, wrap and tuck style or vertical cascade)
  • Cohesiveness with your other Christmas decorations

2. Decorating Your Christmas Trees With Ribbons

Although it is an often overlooked decoration, ribbon can work wonders for your Christmas tree. Ribbon cascading down your tree can create a voluminous and whimsical appearance, truly bringing your tree to the next level. Whether you choose for your ribbon to drape down across the branches, weave through your decor, or wrap around your tree, any style can amaze passersby.

Though seemingly complicated, these graceful arcs of ribbon are something that you too can achieve on your own Christmas tree, so pick a design and let’s get started!

3. Steps to Decorate the Tree With the Wrap and Tuck Ribbon Style

The wrap and tuck ribbon style is a common technique for decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon. In this style, ribbon is wrapped in a descending spiral around the tree. As it cascades down, the ribbon is secured in several areas by the branches on the tree and more.

Step 1: Fluff Your Tree

Fluffing your tree gives it a fuller look and will provide a better foundation for adding ribbon. In this step, your tree shouldn’t have any decorations except for lights, which can be added before or after you fluff. As you fluff your tree, you will want to work from the bottom to the top. 

Begin by carefully pulling apart the larger branches. These branches should be moved into any spaces with gaps.

Then begin working on each individual branch, working from back to front. Bend the smaller branches away from the larger branch, keeping a natural shape. With the branches on the tip of the larger branch, pull them apart from each other to mimic those on a real tree. As you continue fluffing your tree, adjust any branches accordingly to ensure your tree looks natural and has more volume.

A quick tip: If you are working with an artificial Christmas tree, you may want to do each individual section that attaches to the main pole of the tree before assembling.

Step 2: Cut & Tuck That Christmas Tree Ribbon

Once you’ve decided which ribbon you will be using:

  • Cut your ribbon into lengths that you can easily manage while wrapping your tree (a common length is 18-24 inches).
  • At the top of the tree, secure one end of a piece of ribbon with a branch on the tree.
  • Next, start moving downwards, draping your ribbon around the tree. Your ribbon shouldn’t be very tight around the tree, instead naturally flowing over the branches.
  • Every few inches, you will want to use a twist tie, tree branch, or more to tie your ribbon into place.

Step 3: Add More Christmas Tree Ribbon & Repeat

Moving onto your next pieces of ribbons. Take a piece of ribbon and once you finish wrapping this piece of ribbon, tuck the end into a tree branch, and place a new piece of ribbon at the same location, tucking it into a branch as well. The ends of these pieces of ribbon should be hidden and secured well, either behind branches or decorations.

  • Next, continue wrapping your tree with consistent spacing between each row of ribbon.
  • After you reach the bottom, tuck in the end of the ribbon and trim any excess if needed.
  • Check your ribbon and adjust it as you see fit.

Another helpful tip for you would be to fluff some branches again if they were moved while adding the ribbon to your tree.

Step 4: Bring In The Biggest Embellishments

It is now time to add other decorations to your tree. You can add a tree skirt to the bottom of your tree. Additionally, use larger decor on your tree to really add some dimension. For example, try adding some large bows throughout your tree or some  large hanging snowflake decorations .

Step 5: Add Filler

Add any Christmas ornaments in colors that coordinate with the ribbon you used. You will want your ornaments to be evenly spaced throughout the tree, ensuring that no space is missed.

Try using different-sized ornaments to bring some character to your tree. 

You can also attach fake pine cones and berries to your tree to create a more natural look. Add these decorations in areas away from the ribbon so the ribbon can stay intact and the decorations can complement each other nicely without overpowering one another.

Step 6: Incorporate A Statement

At the top of your tree, don’t forget one of the most important decorations: a tree topper. There are so many tree toppers to choose from and they can help cover any ribbon at the top of your tree. An elaborate tree topper can be a great focal point that brings your tree to life.

Other statements you could add to your tree are various types of lighting. You can add color-changing lights for a unique feature.

Step 7: Add Elements To Hide The Christmas Tree Ribbon Tricks

All of the decor mentioned previously can be used to hide any visible ribbon tucks. Some simple ways you can try to hide the ends of ribbon include:

  • Hanging an ornament just above the branch where a piece of ribbon is tucked. Then once the ornament hangs down, it will cover this branch and the tuck.
  • Placing some larger bows over branches where ribbons are tucked.
  • Adding tinsel to your tree to cover certain parts of the ribbon.
  • Adjusting your lights, either by bringing them to the front or moving a piece of ribbon behind them to keep the ribbon in place.

4. Decorating With Vertical Cascading Ribbons

Compared to the horizontal layout in the technique mentioned above, this technique includes ribbon being placed in vertical strips on a Christmas tree. The pieces of ribbon run from the top of the tree to the bottom of the tree in several locations.

Steps To Decorate Your Tree With a Vertical Ribbon Cascade Style

Using the vertical ribbon cascade style is relatively easy. Here’s how:

  • Start by fluffing your tree.
  • Next, pick the ribbon you want to use for your tree.
  • Cut the ribbon into pieces that are appropriate for the height of the tree. Each piece of ribbon should be able to start at the top of the tree and reach the bottom of the tree with no breaks.
  • Secure one piece of ribbon to the top of the tree, using a branch or another item that can easily be hidden.

  • Let this piece of ribbon drape over branches and gracefully reach the bottom of the tree.
  • Attach this same piece of ribbon to the bottom of the tree.
  • Repeat with other pieces of ribbon. All pieces should be evenly spaced apart from each other on the tree.

  • Adjust ribbon accordingly.

  • Add decorations, including ornaments and tree toppers.

5. How To Decorate Christmas Tree With a Ribbon Ornament Style

The ribbon ornament style has a ton of visual appeal. This style includes ribbon folded into various shapes being placed on the Christmas tree. Ribbon can be folded into simple bows, or you can get creative and make stars or whatever shape you feel like.

Steps to Decorate With Ribbon Ornaments

To create your own ribbon ornaments, you will want to have the right equipment. This includes:

  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Extra decorations (for example, glitter or pom poms)

Now that you have gathered all the proper materials, making your own ribbon ornaments will be easy and fun! To get started:

  • Cut your ribbon to the desired length for the shape you will be making.
  • Twist and fold your ribbon to bend it into shape. You can make a bow or make whatever whimsical shape you like.
  • Use glue as needed to keep your ribbon ornament intact.
  • Add extra embellishments to your ribbon ornament to make it pop.
  • Attach ornament hooks to your ribbon ornaments and place them on your tree.
  • Add additional decorations to your tree.

6. Tips about How To Decorate a Tree With Ribbons

Decorating a tree with ribbons can greatly enhance your display. However, achieving the desired look with ribbon can be difficult, especially if it is your first time. Listed below are some tips to ensure that you will be able to create a flawless look with your ribbon.

Choose the Right Christmas Tree Ribbon

With so many types of ribbon, it can be frustrating deciding which one is right for your tree and will help you achieve your desired look. With so many aspects, we have listed out a couple considerations for you:

  • Width If your tree is larger, you should use a wider ribbon, whereas if your tree is small, you should use a thinner ribbon.
  • Color : Choose a color for your ribbon that will blend in seamlessly with the overall theme of your space and the other colors of your decorations.

  • Pattern : You don’t want your ribbon to overpower the other elements on your tree. We often recommend going for a solid color that will blend in with your tree.
  • Texture : Choosing a ribbon with a fun texture can be a nice accent that spruces up your tree. If you are going for a precious metals theme this holiday season, using a ribbon with silver glitter may work well.
  • Materials  : We highly recommend using a wired ribbon as this can easily be put into place and will hold very well.

Prepare the Tree

Before you start putting ribbon on your tree, it is crucial that you properly prepare the tree. It will be nearly impossible to do preparation tasks after you have put the ribbon on. 

When preparing your tree, you should begin by fluffing it.

For this part, you can either have your tree fully assembled or work individually on each section that will be stacked on top of each other. You should work from bottom to top, extending the branches and slightly bending them away from each other to provide your tree with a natural look. Then on each individual branch, work from back to front, pulling the smaller branches away from the main branch to give your tree some depth. 

Next, if you are working with an artificial tree that isn’t pre-lit, you should put lights on. You can put your light strands on before you fluff the tree, but it is easiest if you put them on after. When putting your lights on, work from top to bottom, ensuring that there is even spacing and each part of your tree is receiving adequate lighting. If you have any burnt out sections, there are various ways to troubleshoot your light strands, such as replacing fuses or bulbs.

The Basics of Decorating

It is always a good idea to have a plan before you begin decorating. Your decorations should all blend seamlessly together behind a consistent theme. You should choose your theme before you begin purchasing your decorations and decorating. Some common themes include winter wonderland and rustic farmhouse.

Something else to consider is how all your decorations will work with each other. There are so many different ways you can decorate your Christmas tree and sometimes too many decorations can be a bad thing, so you won’t want to use ribbon if you feel that it may be too much and hurt your display overall.

Lastly, consider what role you want your ribbon to play on your tree. If you want your ribbon to stand out, making ribbon ornaments may be for you. However, if you want your ribbon to be a good counterpart to your other decorations and not take away all the attention, then the wrap and tuck ribbon style may be for you.

Play with Color, Pattern, and Texture

Why not make your display fun and experiment a little to see what works best? When testing with different colors, choose colors that all coordinate with your theme’s color palette. You want your display to be unique but all elements to work well with each other. 

You can try using several colors and layering them on your tree. To be bolder, try using a pattern. You could use a simpler pattern so your tree doesn’t look too gaudy. Also, when using a pattern, you can use this ribbon combined with a solid colored ribbon. Try using both of these ribbons in separate areas on your tree to create a cohesive and unique look.

When experimenting with texture, consider your theme once more. Some textures work very well with different themes. If you are going for a rustic theme, try using burlap ribbon, or if you are going for an elegant theme, try using satin or velvet ribbon. The texture you use can really help bring your theme to life and make it more apparent.

Complement Your Home's Holiday Design

You can experiment with your ribbon with this component as well. Once you have a good understanding of your theme and what you want from it, choose ribbons that blend in, or be bold and choose ribbons that will draw people’s eyes to your tree. 

No matter what you choose, it is important that your ribbon doesn’t overtake the other decorations on your tree and ruin your display. Sometimes less is more. You can really use ribbon to your advantage here, picking designs that work well with your theme.

Coordinate a Theme

Although there are so many beautiful Christmas decorations and you may be overwhelmed with what to pick, you must pick a theme and stick with it. This will help create a cohesive and beautiful Christmas display. This also applies when picking out your ribbon as it is crucial for it to be a good counterpart for your other decorations. For this to happen, pick colors, patterns, and textures that coordinate with your theme.

Achieving an Effortless Look with Ribbon on your Christmas Tree is Easy

This holiday season use ribbon to your advantage to dress up your tree, leaving no spot empty. No matter if you use the wrap and tuck style, vertical cascade style, or create your own ribbon ornaments, your tree will impress anyone.

Looking for additional ways you can dress up your tree this holiday season? Feel free to contact us .

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