How to Decorate: Our Guide to Your Christmas Décor Questions


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How to Decorate: Our Guide to Your Christmas Décor Questions

Christmastime is all about magic.

Not everyone gets to know how the magic happens, but we don’t believe in gatekeeping. You deserve to be in on the secrets that make the season bright.

Whether you’re new here or have been working with us from the start, it’s likely that you have some questions about how commercial Christmas decorating services work. We’ve been at this a pretty long time – almost 40 years now. So we’ve heard just about every question you can imagine (and probably some that would knock your stockings off).

Here’s everything you need to know about how we do what we do, and how you can make Christmas magic too.

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When deciding to decorate:

Should I decorate my business for Christmas?

The short answer, yes.

The long answer, holiday decorations boost foot traffic, foot traffic boosts engagement, engagement boosts, well, all of your goals. 

Whether you’re trying to increase sales, educate community members, or just bring joy to your guests, Christmas decorations help with all of it.

For the facts and stats on why holiday décor matters, check out our blog and one sheet on every reason why you need to decorate your property for Christmas.

What is trending in holiday décor?

Just like fashion, holiday trends change at the drop of a Santa hat. Right now the most popular Christmas decorations include RGB lighting and trees, Sequoia Trees, and giant fiberglass props.

RGB is our current favorite. Color-changing light shows make for a captivating tree lighting ceremony, and the lights can stay up all year long. You can change them to match your branding, to celebrate seasonal holidays, even to show your support for local teams on gameday.

If you prefer something more classic, Sequoia Trees are one of our best sellers. Plus, this holiday staple can be stylized year after year. Brighten up your giant centerpiece with pink and blue ornaments this year and go back to a classic red and green palette next season to keep your guests coming back for more.

How much does the average holiday décor cost?

Not to be the absolute worst, but there really is no average cost for décor.

Our average sales for customers who need lobby decorations aren’t comparable to the average cost of a décor program spanning an entire theme park.

That’s why we work with our clients to create the program of their dreams within their budget. Whether you’re looking to spend $500,000 or $5,000, we’ll make sure every penny is well spent.

Fill out our commercial property questionnaire to get started on the perfect decorations for your space and budget.

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During the decorating process:

How soon is too soon to put up Christmas decorations?

Some people love to see Christmas trees on November 1, others prefer to celebrate Thanksgiving before getting into the spirit.

Generally, the sweet spot for holiday installs is any time in November.

We recommend installing your holiday decorations based on who your guests are and what seasonal activities your property has planned. Mall Santa comes to town around November 17 this year, so you’ll need your Santa scene prepped before his arrival. But if you aren’t hosting Santa on site and your customers don’t want to see Christmas trees until black Friday, you don’t have to deck your halls until the end of the month or even early December. Decorations inspire customers to get in the Christmas shopping spirit, so don’t miss out on sales by hauling out the holly too late.

How do I decorate my space?

There are endless ways to fill a space with cheer. No matter your property size or your team’s budget, our designers could create hundreds of design options for you. Here are some tips to hone in on what decorations you’d like for your space:


Choosing the general theme for your display will simplify the rest of your decisions. This is about more than just color palettes (although it is also very much about color palettes). Deciding on a theme is about what kind of whimsy you want your customers to experience.

You can transport them to Christmas past with nostalgia-inducing foliage and ornaments in red and green. Or captivate your guests with elegance – twinkling lights and ornaments of silver and gold. You can go bold with modern light shows and a rainbow color scheme. Or make your guests feel right at home with a branded holiday celebration including a few classic elements – trees, garland, wreaths – draped in your brand colors and custom ornaments.

Focal Point:

Once you’ve decided what you want your customers to feel, you can choose what focal point best emanates that seasonal spirit. The classic centerpiece is a classic for a reason, you can really never go wrong with a Christmas tree. Illuminated décor and selfie stations can generate engagement and socialization, and add an extra touch of sparkle. And we love when our customers put characters up front and center. Fiberglass props like our toy soldiers, giant candy canes, or large fiberglass bulbs all make for a spunky centerpiece. Our fuzzy inflatables are also the perfect way to make your guests smile as they step onto your holiday scene.

Scene Setters:

Now that you have your theme and focal point, the rest is simple. What kinds of decorations do you want to fill up space?

Outdoor spaces look great with lighting (if you have available power sources). Garland is perfect for lining doorways and entrances, and helps incorporate more of that color palette you’ve already chosen.

Any remaining space and budget should be spent on elements that enhance your existing décor. Think wreaths, sprays, small props, snow, and gift boxes. These are the finishing touches that transform your decorations into an all-out holiday scene.

What are some precautions you should take when decorating for the holidays?

Safety comes first when we’re installing holiday décor. If you’re setting up your own decorations, here are a few things to keep in mind


  • Make sure all of your outlets have weatherproof safety covers.
  • Use electrical tape to secure any light strands you connect end-to-end.
  • If using incandescent lights, make sure to keep all lighting components out of reach from customers and any flammable materials.
  • Secure any cabling so your guests don’t trip on wires. The best way to do this is by tucking them along walls, behind decorations, or under rugs.


  • Buy the appropriate products for your regional weather.

  • We carry CSA lighting for our cold weather partners, complete with thicker wires and waterproof connections.

  • All of your outdoor decorations should be secured to the ground or a nearby structure with weights and structural cabling.
  • Consider your products' wind load and your location's average wind speeds. Hanging décor and standing decorations alike will need to be extra secure in areas with high winds.


  • Consider your scheduled holiday plans and customer demographics when decorating.
  • Use low-voltage lighting in areas children will be present.
  • Use low-voltage lighting in areas near water.
  • Mark off restricted areas. Our metal fences are perfect for creating clear pathways for your guests to follow (and avoid).
Giant outdoor Christmas tree lit up at nighttime decorated with red ornaments and metal holly leaves with a Moravian star tree topper

After you decorate:

When should outdoor Christmas decorations come down?

Most of our customers schedule décor removal during the last week of December and first week of January. We recommend scheduling a décor review before you take down the decorations. This allows your team to review what you like, what lasted through the season, and what you’d like to add next year. That way when it’s time to start planning again you don’t have to start at square one.

How do you store large outdoor holiday decorations?

We handle storage for most of our turnkey customers. This includes high-quality crates, storage containers, and a very well-organized warehouse. Chances are, you’re trying to store your commercial holiday decorations with less space and fewer team members. The key to storing your décor starts during the take-down process. Ideally, every piece should be placed back in the box it arrived in or something similar. Clearly label the item inside, noting anything fragile and things that will need refurbishment before you install them next season. If you’re decorating a large property, label which section or location the item belongs in. This will help you keep your storage space organized and streamline next year’s decorating process.

How do I make sure my decorations look good next year?

The best way to ensure your decorations last is annual refurbishment. Our team evaluates every tree, garland, and prop during the off-season. This includes plugging in light strands and replacing any that have dimmed or broken, fluffing foliage, replacing worn ornaments, cleaning up and repainting fiberglass, and so much more. Check out our full guide on how to refurbish your holiday decorations to keep your décor shining for Christmases to come.

Lucky for you, we can help with just about everything that has anything to do with the holidays. Okay, no, we can’t help you with your Christmas gift shopping. But everything else we’ve got covered.

Learn more about our process and what to expect when planning commercial Christmas decorations here.

For more of our frequently asked questions, check out our FAQ page. Or shoot us a message, phone call, email, or fax (yes we still accept faxes). Whatever you need, we’re your holiday decorating experts and we’ll answer your call… or fax.

Trying to get your team on the holiday décor train? 


Download our infographic on how to decorate your commercial property to get the Christmas party started.

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