How to Decorate Your Property All Year Long

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Decorating a commercial property is no joke. 

Malls and shopping centers have various tenants to please. Theme parks need decorations that uphold safety standards. Event centers have a continuous stream of rotating artists that all require a different ambience. Municipalities have tight budgets and input from all of their community members. 

No matter what type of property you’re decorating, it might seem easier to throw in the towel and have no décor at all. Don’t lose hope! We’re here to remind you that decorating a commercial property should be fun and, when you’re done, will bring your guests joy, too.

In this post you'll learn how to decorate your commercial or municipal property all year ’round.

What is year-round décor?

Some call it overlay, others call it large-scale décor. We call it year-round cheer. Year-round décor refers to any decorations placed on your property to enhance its aesthetics. 

This includes:

  • Commercial outdoor lighting 

  • Pole banner displays
  • Animated RGB lighting
  • Other seasonal props and décor like our lit star decorations

Year-round décor can also refer to elements you leave up all year, such as deciduous tree lighting. Whether you’re looking for commercial-grade lights to shine from now until Christmas or special event décor, we have the products and expertise you need to create a stunning display. 

Keep reading to learn how to decorate for each season.

How to Decorate for Each Season

Keep your property visually engaging by changing up your decorations each season. That might sound like a lot of work. Our expert design team makes it easy. We can create custom banner programs to swap out each season, plan colorful light displays to carry you all the way through summer, and find the perfect large scale outdoor decorations to accentuate your property’s best features.

1. Best Commercial Decorations for Spring

Spring is the time to refresh your property. Whether that means new branding or cleaning out the closets, the beginning of the year is a great time to reevaluate your existing décor. This is also the season of fresh starts. That’s why some of the best decorations for spring are colorful, bright, and reminiscent of nature and new life.

The beginning of the year also ushers in new holiday celebrations. Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, and Easter are all hallmarks of springtime celebrations. Make sure your space stays relevant with timely photo ops and props like our giant heart decorations. We can also special order and custom fabricate products for your spring celebrations, like our giant inflatable flamingo Orlando.

If you’re still deciding on your new year’s look, buy yourself some time without letting the lights go out. Subtle lighting options like our net lights will keep your space looking chic and highlight your property’s greenery for spring.

Overall, it’s important to keep your property shining bright in the spring to welcome new beginnings, and new guests of course.

A giant inflatable flamingo decoration stands in the center of an upscale shopping center surrounded by customers walking by.

Must-Have Products For Spring

2. Best Commercial Decorations for Summer

Summer is the time to highlight your property’s outdoor features. If you’re struggling to settle on your ideal atmosphere, we suggest going big and bright. While your customers and guests enjoy the great outdoors, keep their spirits high with vibrant lit decorations. 

Some of our most popular summer decorations are LED Light Spheres. Not only do these come in eight energetic colors, but their textured surface fits right in with summertime flowers. Looking for a more dynamic way to add a pop of pigment to your property? Animated RGB props are the perfect color-changing decorations to celebrate the season.

Summer pole banners are another way to ring in the season. Have our design team create custom banners to promote summer events, or shop our stock banners. We have designs for farmers markets, summer sailing, simple seasonal banners, and more

Whether you’re celebrating your new season of warmth or simply embracing the summertime vibe, ‘tis the season for outdoor celebrations. Meet your guests where they’re at with commercial outdoor décor. 

Must-Have Products For Summer

3. Best Commercial Decorations for Fall

The only thing better than Christmas is Halloween. So when Autumn comes around, your guests will expect you to embrace pumpkin season. We’ll be honest – at the moment we don’t carry any pumpkins. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make them! 

We can custom order giant inflatable Halloween decorations like our ghosts and pumpkins shown below. Or we can create something entirely new just for your property. From ropelight Halloween characters to spooky celebration banners, our team has done it all. Call us to get started on your custom Halloween decorations.

Or, if you just need some simple signage to welcome the harvest season, we have plenty of stock banners to keep your property looking festive. From Harvest Festival signage to simple Fall and Welcome signs, our commercial pole banners are an easy way to show your autumn spirit.

Custom Fall Decorations

A giant inflatable ghost decoration hangs in a shopping mall Halloween display.
A giant inflatable pumpkin hangs in a shopping mall Halloween display.
A custom Halloween pole mount of a cat hangs in a city street.
A custom ropelight pole mount of a jack-o-lantern wearing a witch

4. Best Commercial Decorations for Winter

Winter décor is our specialty. And our commercial outdoor décor is built to last. That’s why it’s perfect for the period between fall and winter holidays. 

When you’re looking to keep the lights on between Halloween and Christmas, look no further than our DL Pro Mini Lights. Our commercial-grade outdoor mini lights are the perfect cold-weather lighting option for your transitions between seasons. 

If you’re ready to go all in to the winter wonderland scene, we have the snow to get you there. From Ropelight Snowflakes to Acrylic Snowflake Ornaments and even artificial snow for your indoor spaces, we have it all.

Close-up picture of a snowflake ornament in a Christmas tree surrounded by blue and silver ornaments.

How to Decorate By Property Type

If decorating your commercial property for Christmas is more of a pain than a party, you might be interested in decorations you can set up once and leave all year. If this sounds more your speed, keep reading to find the best decorations for your property.

Stylish Decorating Ideas for Shopping Centers

Keep your shoppers feeling trendy and spendy with stylish lit decorations. 

Festival lighting is perfect for outdoor lifestyle centers, where people will gather as the sun sets. 

Illuminated star decorations are perfect anywhere you place them. Our clients have used our Genval standing stars these in outdoor gardens, indoor medians, and hallways. And our Limal hanging stars are great for any overhead space, wall, or building façade that needs some extra sparkle.

Three silver sparkling star decorations placed in an outdoor shopping center

Easy Decorating Ideas for Cities

Keeping your parks and municipal buildings looking fresh doesn’t need to break the bank. Some simple perimeter lighting on your buildings can completely transform your city’s scene. 

Highlight community events, hometown heroes, and even your local graduating class with custom street pole banners. Or shop our stock banners to keep your city streets ready for seasonal holidays and celebrations.

A blue and yellow street pole banner with a picture of a student in a graduation cap.

Safe Decorating Ideas for Theme Parks

Safety is our number one consideration when decorating theme parks and event centers. That’s why we carry LED lights that are safe to use in places where kids can reach, and to leave up all year. 

Give your park guests a dynamic light show with safe and long-lasting RGB lights. Keep them static for a bright rainbow display or let them dance and change all day long.

Or, up your park’s branding with custom graphics. Banners, directional signage, character-cut-outs – whatever you need, our in-house printing department is at your service.

A theme park walkway lit with multicolor globe lights.

Elegant Decorating Ideas for Hotels

It’s easy to make your guests feel cozy and chic with holiday decorations. Elevate their stays all year long with luxury lit décor. 

Light Curtains are the perfect addition to any upscale hotel lobby decorations. Illuminated décor elements like Brighton Sparkles create an opulent atmosphere in lobbies, dining areas, and common spaces.

Close-up picture of a snowflake ornament in a Christmas tree surrounded by blue and silver ornaments.

"A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy."

Juan Montoya


Your property should be a place your guests want to spend time. Create a space they never want to leave with the perfect decorations. Whether you want to change up your look for every season or find décor to last you all year, we’re here to make it easy. Contact us to learn more about our free design services and how we can help you create magic all year long.


Don't forget:

Your commercial property decorations should make your customers want to stay all day.

You can decorate for each season, or buy décor that will last all year.

Our expert design team is here to help. Call us at (800)474-5179 to learn about our free design services.

If you want to buy commercial-grade decorations for your property, you can check out more on our store.

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