Using Christmas Lights All Year Round


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Using Christmas Lights All Year Round

There’s a good argument we often hear that goes something like this: “buying Christmas lights is so annoying and wasteful–you hang them up for a few weeks, and then put them right back into storage to collect dust for another year!” It’s a fair argument. However, it does and should not be this way!

Why? Because Christmas lights can (and should) be used all year round in a myriad of ridiculously creative and décor enhancing ways, way after the holiday season is behind you. Here are just some ideas and tips to get you started into maximizing your Christmas lights for non-Christmas occasions:

Light curtains  can be used to cover larger areas of your wall(s), ceilings, or be free hanging to add color throughout the entire space. They can be interwoven into the background of a stage to create a special shimmering backdrop. They can also be used to divide large rooms or placed over large windows.

In the summer months, Christmas lights can be used inside of vacant fireplaces to make a bar or restaurant feel more cozy and romantic. Large bulb Christmas lights can be used as perimeter lighting, both indoors and outdoors, to add that professional “put together” upscale feeling to commercial properties.

Angel-lit-objects are a fantastic and easy accent to add to any exterior summer patio or dining area for that something special. Angel lights can be placed creatively inside of glass objects such as wine bottles, mason jars, vases, etc. to create a soft lit décor.

Meteor lights can be hung vertically to non-Christmas trees to create beautiful summer outdoor lounge areas and encourage customers to enjoy your property, even after the sun goes down.

Palm trees wrapped in warm white lighting can be enjoyed year round, and don’t give off too much of a “holiday” theme. If palm trees line the walkways around your property, this can be an easy way to light pathways brightly, as well as encourage your customers to feel safe walking around at night.

In general, if you are looking for a way to light the exterior of your property–for safety and decoration–consider wrapping trees, bushes, and shrubs in warm white.

We have a lighting catalog just for all year round lighting, too. We hope this little article has inspired some new ideas and convinced you (at least a little!) that Christmas lights are way more versatile and excitingly useful anytime of the year.

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