Dekra-Lite Announces 100% Employee Ownership


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Dekra-Lite Announces 100% Employee Ownership

Santa’s helpers report their highest ever first quarter in Dekra-Lite’s first season of 100% Employee Ownership. Employees prove internal ownership is for the customers’ gain.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – May 16, 2023 – Dekra-Lite Industries Inc., a commercial holiday decorating company, has reported its highest first-quarter sales in company history. Employee ownership just might be the cause. The Christmas décor leaders have just announced that its shares are entirely employee owned, meaning its current full-time employees hold 100% of the company’s stock. 

But the shift from privately to employee owned favors more than just Dekra-Lite’s team. Customers can expect to see some benefits, too.

ESOPs have an edge on the competition, and Dekra-Lite is showing that.

The transition to 100% employee ownership marks an important milestone in the company's history and reflects its commitment to employees, customers, and the communities Dekra-Lite serves across the country. Throughout the company’s Orange County offices, signs reading “Think Like an Owner” hang proudly above employee desks and lunchroom bulletin boards. 

“When you work with Dekra-Lite, you aren’t just working with our CEO or our managers or sales associates,” Dekra-Lite President Mike Sterling said. “Every time you call our help desk, email the North Pole, or come in to see our showroom, you’re working directly with our employee owners.”

Here are a few of the ways Dekra-Lite’s customers can expect employee ownership to shine through:

Increased Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

As owners of the company, Dekra-Lite employees are dedicated to ensuring that their customers are completely satisfied every step of the way. And there can be a lot of steps. From consultations to designs to installing the final product, team members from every department go above and beyond to address customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. 

Even online orders are hand picked, processed, and shipped out by a real person. Looking for a chatbot on You won’t find one. But you will find a contact page where you can get in touch with a human – or as they call themselves, a Dekra-Lite elf – via phone or email.

Greater Accountability

With a direct stake in the success of the company and stock, employees are more accountable for their work and performance. This means customers can trust the company to deliver high-quality products and services that meet their needs. Every team member is a leader and every leader has a whole team to hold them accountable to do their best, fix their mistakes, and work to make their customers merrier each day.

Enhanced Innovation and Creativity

As employee-owners, the entire Dekra-Lite team is encouraged to bring new ideas and innovations to the table. Even with a team of world-class designers, creativity flows far outside the walls of the art office. This means employees across departments are always looking for ways to improve their products, processes, and services and find creative solutions for customers’ needs.

To learn more about Dekra-Lite’s work, check out their holiday case studies where they highlight their displays in Beverly Hills, San Francisco’s Chase Center, and more. And if you need décor for your city or business, there’s one thing that’s for sure: the Dekra-Lite elves will be waiting to help make your season bright.


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