Partners in Christmastime: Dekra-Lite and Globall Concept prove commercial Christmas decorations are a team sport


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Partners in Christmastime: Dekra-Lite and Globall Concept prove commercial Christmas decorations are a team sport

Dekra-Lite releases new products in its 2023 catalog. Company bolsters its incoming product line with the help of European décor giant Globall Concept.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – July 31, 2023 – Dekra-Lite Industries’ 2023 Christmas Essentials catalog is comin’ to town. And this year’s new product line-up can largely be credited to another holiday décor giant: Globall Concept. It may seem counterintuitive for the commercial Christmas décor leaders to boast another company’s product line, but Dekra-Lite prides itself on its partnership with Globall Concept.

Based in Southern California, Dekra-Lite has been a leading supplier of commercial holiday decorations and experiences since 1987. When looking to expand its product line in 2015, the company wanted to cultivate a more nostalgic feeling of Christmas magic. Since Christmas Markets date all the way back to 13th century Europe, Dekra-Lite knew right where to turn. Globall Concept is the number one holiday décor provider in Belgium and has been since 1994. It only made sense for the U.S. powerhouse to join forces with the industry leader across the pond.

Since coming together nearly a decade ago, Dekra-Lite and Globall Concept have proven that they’re like milk and Christmas cookies, cocoa and candy canes – a perfect pair. 

Luxury décor is Globall Concept’s specialty. The company has mastered the art of intricately designed décor that’s built to last in all kinds of environments from the snowy celebrations of Switzerland to the heated holidays in Southern California. Some of the most popular pieces in Dekra-Lite’s neck of the woods are part of Globall Concept’s Waterloo Collection, featuring elegant gold frames, graceful silicone netting, and captivating twinkle lights. 

Sourcing products from the Belgium-based decorators allows Dekra-Lite’s designers and in-house fabrication team to keep their eyes set on decoration innovation. Since Dekra-Lite’s customer base is primarily commercial properties like shopping centers, cities, and entertainment venues, much of the art and production teams’ resources are reserved for creativity. Having this store of luxury decorations to incorporate into their custom designs elevates the potential for every Dekra-Lite project. 

The newest Globall Concept products coming to Dekra-Lite’s workshop include cheerful characters like teddy bears and snowmen, and illuminated photo opportunities. Find your favorites at

Browse Dekra-Lite’s 2023 Christmas Essentials catalog now and stay tuned for the 2023 Globall Concept catalog coming soon.

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