Dekra-Lite Makes Christmas Come Early with Release of New and Improved Blog


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Dekra-Lite Makes Christmas Come Early with Release of New and Improved Blog

The Workshop Blog to serve as education and inspiration hub for customers and commercial decorators alike.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Nov. 30, 2023 – Dekra-Lite Industries has been hard at work in the workshop on The Workshop. The Workshop Blog, that is. In the company’s effort to simplify its customers’ holiday decorating, Dekra-Lite relaunched its blog with a new look and features.

Customers that visited Dekra-Lite’s Workshop Blog looking for inspiration or tips used to be greeted by a haphazard collection of information on lights, giant Christmas props, and guides to decorate a Christmas tree. This format meant anyone seeking specific topics or posts were left out in the cold. 

Now, The Workshop Blog has everything customers need to find ease in decorating their commercial property for Christmases present and future. 

A new search feature allows customers to locate specific blog topics and posts, while filters help various customer groups find applicable content for their property or project.  

This is part of the decorating expert’s initiative to make commercial decorating more accessible.

“At the end of the day, our goal is to spread Christmas cheer,” Sales Manager Alicia Gonzalez said. “So we’re constantly looking for more ways to share information with our customers to help them make their spaces merrier.”

The update to Dekra-Lite’s Workshop Blog was planned to align with the company’s busy season. Knowing that its clients would be searching for decorating tips, fast décor options, and insight on how to prep their spaces for the oncoming holiday rush, the company made sure to have this resource ready right on time.  

During the season, The Workshop is full of last-minute decorating guides and yuletide tips. After the season (and before the next), The Workshop is home to Dekra-Lite’s nearly 40 years of expertise. The blog transforms from a decorating guide to a vast resource on budgeting and planning timelines, custom fabrication processes, and whitepapers to convince grinchy bosses to deck their halls for the holidays. 

“We like to share our expertise with our partners and clients just as much as we like to share memorable holiday experiences,” Dekra-Lite President Mike Sterling said. “We want The Workshop to be a place for our customers to not only find inspiration, but to tell their holiday stories, too.”

Now companies that are looking to bring the magic back into their holiday décor don’t have to write a letter to Santa. They can just take a sleigh ride to Dekra-Lite’s Workshop Blog.

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