4 Elements for a Captivating Christmas Window Display


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4 Elements for a Captivating Christmas Window Display

Imagine walking through a shopping center on a beautiful day at Christmastime. Your senses captivated by festive sights and sounds, children lined up to take photos with Santa, the sweet smells of cocoa and candied walnuts fill the air from vendors among the storefronts. Now, you pass a window and decide to stop inside. Why? 

Most likely because their holiday window display caught your eye. 

People love to window shop, especially during the holiday season. They love to weave in and out of stores to check out their displays and holiday decorations. Not to mention these displays help them determine which stores are worth their time and money. 

Window displays influence roughly 24% of customer purchases. So why not make window displays that inspire?

The best holiday window displays are inviting, festive, and most importantly convey essential information. Creating a presentation that captures the attention of passersby can make the difference between a successful holiday season and a not-so-successful one.

Here are a few tips and suggestions for creating captivating holiday outdoor Christmas decorations and window displays. 

Creating Captivating Window Displays

1. Christmas Trees

Large outdoor Christmas decorations typically center around giant Christmas trees. But for your Christmas window display, we recommend using smaller trees to accent your real focal point: your products and promotions. Products like our Flat Trees are the perfect way to add a holiday touch without distracting from whatever you're promoting for the season.

2. Window Graphics

Window graphics are great for window displays. They can be used to supplement other elements — like adding a touch of frost to your indoor Christmas display — but they also look great as standalone pieces and sale announcements.

Dekra-Lite offers custom and unique Christmas decorations including high-quality window graphics printed right in our SoCal workshop. One of the best things about our static cling custom window decals is that they're reusable and can be applied to any glass surface without leaving an adhesive residue. 

Contact our team to get started on your custom design today, and check out our custom décor gallery for inspiration.

3. Graphic Cutouts

Graphic cutouts are a unique way to grab attention at any time of the year. From life-sized character cut-outs to hanging 3D decorations and ornaments, we can custom make whatever you need for your window display.

4. Neon Flexible Lighting

Neon Flexible Lighting is another tool you can use to brighten up your holiday window display. This type of light creates vivid, bright colors, including cool white, red, orange, blue, pink, and more. You can use it to line the perimeter of your windows for a festive glow, or use it to spell out words or shapes. Regardless of how you decide to use Neon Flex, it will capture potential customers' attention with an iridescent glow. 

A window is not just a way for people to peer in and out, but an opportunity to capture attention and increase sales. Let our team of expert designers cultivate the perfect marketing piece for the holiday season. Talk to our team today to start planning your holiday window display!

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