Creative Ways to Use Ornaments


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Creative Ways to Use Ornaments

There is no doubt that dangling ornaments on trees and wreaths is an essential Christmas tradition. Sometimes, we want to decorate things just a little bit differently.

People expect to see ornaments on your large outdoor Christmas tree, wreath, or garland. But it's the unexpectedly placed or unconventionally designed pieces that make them stop and say “WOW!”

Keeping your décor surprising and exciting is essential in maintaining customer curiosity. This is what inspires them to want to see what you’re doing this year, and maybe purchase a few things while they are there! That’s why we have compiled a list of non-traditional ways to use ornaments.

1. Ornament Drops

Arranging ornaments in this way inspires an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. By creating a non-traditional and creative design, your customers will flock for unique photo ops.

2. Decorative Bowls

Try placing ornaments in a decorative bowl for lobby desks, coffee tables, or concierge desks. Our smaller ornaments are perfect for filling mason jars for a more rustic Christmas vibe.

3. Tree Skirts

Place ornaments of all sizes all around the base of your tree. This creates a wreath-like design that your guests are unlikely to see anywhere else.

4. Ornament Wreaths

Skip the foliage altogether and create the wreath using only ornaments! Here is a link to some inspiring ornament-only wreath ideas. Use the same ornaments in your wreaths and tree skirts for a unique yet cohesive design.

5. Decorate your Décor

Use ornaments to embellish your other décor elements, like Waterloo Rings and Malacca Hanging Ornaments.

 6. Accent Outdoor Foliage

If you have potted plants on your property, place ornaments in their bases. This placement adds a touch of holiday cheer in a completely unexpected way.

 7. Fill Window Displays and Shadow Boxes

Snow Blanket Roll and some iridescent or polyester snowflakes make the perfect base for scattering ornaments! Think of it as a deconstructed Christmas display — modern, chic, and a hit with hipsters and sophisticated crowds alike.

There is no limit to what your imagination can conjure up to bring new decorative flavor to the Christmas classics. Share your unique ornament placements with us on social media!

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