How to Be the Ultimate Tree Protector


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How to Be the Ultimate Tree Protector

So you’ve purchased your beautiful huge outdoor Christmas tree, gave it a nice fluff, and have commenced decorating with delight.

You think, “how nice it is not to have to worry about watering the tree–what a great idea!” While artificial trees are low maintenance, we do have a few words of wisdom: you do still need to care for your tree and protect it from the environment. Here are a few professional tips on how to protect your artificial tree.

Keep the tree away from fire. We know, we know, candles set a cozy Christmas atmosphere, but is it worth the risk of potentially ruining Christmas? Probably not. Keep the tree away from burning candles and other open flames.

Dust the tree. One of the best things about artificial trees is that you don't have to worry about them dying. You don't need to water them or clean up the pine sprigs that shed off of live trees. Artificial trees will, however, accumulate dust. You can use an inexpensive duster to remove it.

Store the tree in its original packaging. When it comes to small indoor Christmas trees, once takedown begins, you can just slip the tree right back into its box and store it. If you have already thrown the box out, a little budget-friendly tip is to simply grab or purchase a large, disposable bag, and then place all the branches and tree frames inside. Store and wait for next winter.

Limit the tree's exposure to the sun. For most people, artificial trees are showcased primarily indoors, especially in residential homes. In this case, you don't have to worry too much about the sunlight affecting it. However, artificial trees that are displayed outside may get too much exposure to the sun, which can cause the branches to lose their shape and even color. Dekra-Lite carries a variety of UV-treated, outdoor-safe trees. If you are planning to put your tree outside, consider one of our commercial-grade Christmas tree options.

Place a barrier around the tree. If you have a tree at home surrounded by young children or rambunctious pets, you can protect the tree by having some sort of barrier, such as a fence, around it. You can also purchase a Dekra-Lite Sintra Board to put around the tree. This will help the younger children and pets from picking or tugging at the tree branches, which can damage them. 

Purchase a new tree every year. And for those of you out there who aren't actually worried about saving or protecting your tree–and you have the cash to spare–then you can simply purchase a new tree every year. This is a full-proof method to ensure a stress-free winter season year after year!

The best way to protect your artificial Christmas tree is by being prepared. If preparation isn't enough, call our team for quick and easy in-season maintenance requests.

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