Dress Up Your Holiday Pole Banners with Banner Enhancers


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Dress Up Your Holiday Pole Banners with Banner Enhancers

The first sign of the holiday season isn’t snow or holly or giant Christmas trees. It’s the banners that line your city streets and local shopping center's parking lots.  

Street pole banners are an engaging way to greet the season, promote upcoming events, get a message to your patrons, and attract new business. But they attract even more attention when surrounded by giant shimmering sequins and illuminated shapes. That’s where banner enhancers come in.

What is a holiday pole banner enhancer?

Banner enhancers are the perfect outdoor décor for day and night. These glittering and bright accents draw attention to what really matters – the message on your vertical street pole banners.

When you add ornate illuminated LED designs like shooting stars, elaborate swirls, and blossoming flower-like shapes, you give your decorations an irresistible nighttime appeal.

Another customer favorite is our custom flitter enhancers. Flitter is perfect for accenting banners that don’t have access to a power source. You can also set your pole banner decorations apart with accessories like pole ends, vinyl wrap, and colorful vinyl garland.

Talk to our team today about custom decorations to add life to your lampposts.

We have a whole in-house printing department so we make a lot of holiday street pole banners. And they’re great, don’t get us wrong. We love a good simple banner display. But your light pole decorations, no matter how simple, should never be basic.

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