Easy Like Wednesday Morning — Cutouts and Standees


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Easy Like Wednesday Morning — Cutouts and Standees

We all know how to decorate for celebrations, right? 

Banners and garland and glitter (oh my!). With a standout focal point – whether a Christmas tree or an anniversary cake – decorating for your standard celebration is pretty straightforward. 

But some celebrations require just a little more.

That’s where cutouts and standees come in! Our custom cutouts and life-size poster figures add a personal touch to any anniversary, event, or holiday. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your holiday decorations or stage an outstanding selfie station, standees and cut-outs give you something extra special your guests will remember. 

Contact us to help with your next grand gesture. And check out some of our favorite ways to use cut-outs to get that creative ball rolling.

Custom Ornaments

Life-Size Standees

Character Cutouts
Wreath Inserts

Custom Signage, Frames, and Miscellaneous Uses 

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