Want to decorate with banners? Here’s how.


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Want to decorate with banners? Here’s how.

The hottest graphics catalog of 2022 just dropped so if you’re feeling inspired to order banners for Christmas, we get it. 

When planning for holiday street pole banners – or any pole banner program – there are a few important factors to consider. Of course your artwork is an important piece (which is why we offer free design services with all banner orders), but implementing your vision takes more than just nice visuals. 

From the height of your banners to the bracket system you secure them with, the magic is in the minutiae. 

Here’s everything you need to know before ordering street pole banners: 

Styles & Sizes

You probably have an idea of what traditional banners look like. Our most popular orders are for single banners and double banners in both 30” x 60” and 30” x 96” sizes. But we also like to break the mold. 

Triangle banners are a great option for walkways to grab your guests’ attention without taking up overhead space. We only offer our classic banner sizes on Dekra-Lite.com so call our team for custom shapes and sizes!

Art & Design

One of the best parts of working with Dekra-Lite is our stellar design team. We offer our design services pro bono so you’ll always have the perfect banners no matter the occasion. 

Some of our customizable banners are available to buy online. Don’t worry, if you order our patriotic light pole banners, they won’t arrive with our stock text. Once you place your order, one of our elves will contact you regarding your copy customizations, whether your city name, imagery, or the names of your hometown heroes. 

The best way to order an entirely unique design is through a conversation with our sales team. A quick phone call can help us get our designers started and then we’ll fine tune the artwork to perfection. 

If you already have artwork for your banners, ask your Dekra-Lite rep about our artwork guidelines to ensure accurate printing.

Brackets & Installation

The final step to the perfect banner display is a reliable pole banner bracket system. Lucky for you, we’ve designed the most durable bracket system in the industry, and we make them all right here in our SoCal warehouse. 

But there are still a few more steps before you start hanging your banners on the best brackets around.

First, consider where your banners will be installed. Every setting comes with different height requirements and situational factors that may alter your install plans. 

A few important considerations:

  • Street banners require a 14.5’ clearance.
  • Parking lot banners require a 14.5’ clearance. 
  • Parking lot banners that will be in planters can have a lower clearance as long as they don’t extend outside the planter. 
  • Walkway banners require a 10’ clearance.
  • Triangular walkway banners can be installed lower as long as they don’t impede on overhead space.
  • If your walkway is adjacent to the street, we recommend installing the banners over the walkway rather than the street

When you are ready to set up your display, our WindBreaker Banner Brackets are simple to install and built to withstand the weather. We also have three different banding options to match any installation and budget. 

Feeling overwhelmed with joy information? We’re experts on this stuff, and we’re here to make your life easy. Contact us with any questions, requests, or to have us take care of your whole banner program from start to finish.

Please call, email, or complete the form for additional support.

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