How To Decorate an Outdoor Lamp Post for Christmas


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How To Decorate an Outdoor Lamp Post for Christmas

Did you know you can transform an ordinary street lamp outside your building into a magical beacon of festive light?

Whether you’re decorating towering street poles or walkway lampposts, adding different types of pole lighting décor to your holiday ensemble is a powerful way to turn drab poles into works of wonder.

If you’re interested in adding light pole décor to your property, there are a few questions you should consider before shopping for the perfect outdoor Christmas decorations.

Do the light poles have power?

If not, can you get power to them from nearby?

What size are the light poles?

Are they street poles, parking lot light poles, or small walkway lampposts?

Can the poles handle wind loads?

Pole decorations can range from 2' to 8' tall, so you have options no matter what size poles you're working with. It's also important to consider where – and what – your flow of traffic is. Your light pole decorations should face and give clearance for their intended audience. Street-adjacent pole décor should face the street rather than any nearby walkways, and requires at least 14.5' of clearance. Walkway pole mounts should also face your traffic, and not the surrounding buildings or greenery, and need to be high enough to allow even your tallest guests to walk under.

Now, the fun begins: choosing your luxury decorations! Do you want a zigzag tree, shooting star, candy cane? How about something elegant like our swirly Valparaiso pole mount? There are endless designs available in our light pole décor collection.  

But you're not done yet! Well, you could be, but we have so much more to put your light poles over the festive edge. Complete your Christmas look with colorful pole ends, vinyl wrap, garland and more! 

Want something more personalized? Contact our sales team to discuss customization options to make your pole light mount something special for you and your customers.

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